Wednesday, January 29, 2014

celebrating two

Two years is such a quick, huge, wonderfully amazing slice of time.  Owen: this little person I just cannot get over because he is too loving and too hilarious.  I am starting to feel oh so pregnant now, and I've been thinking more about the birth that's coming, and remembering about when Owie was born.  I remember these crazy feelings I had... like, how will I ever love this little newborn as much as I love his brother?  His presence in our lives from the beginning was a magical delight, but also it was hard.  The boys were not on the same wavelength at all, and they both needed me always and I didn't feel I could be there one hundred percent of the time for each of them like I wished I could be, and it was easy to wonder, Is this right?

But two years later -- I learned it about 1.8 years ago, really -- those thoughts are foreign to me.  We are so lucky to have this boy in our lives.  Simply because he is who he is, but also because of what he gives to our family.  Pupper and Wooden are this beautiful dynamic team and they supply each other with a special brotherly love which adds up to be far greater than any amount of individual attention they may be missing out on from me.  I can feel littlest one wriggling about in my belly as I type, and I have no doubt that he or she will triple the love in this little log cabin.

And I wouldn't trade little Owen Clarke for anything in the world.

waking from birthday naptime...
followed by a little silly time...

We asked O what he wanted for his birthday and he stammered, "Um, um.... um..."  He hadn't anything in mind.  But when I asked if he wanted cake?  "Um, zes."  Ice cream?  "Zes."  Cake and ice cream?  "Zes!  I am having cake and ice cream!"  So that was all he cared about.  I let him choose his birthday supper and he went with oatmeal (just like Bob on his 3rd), so we loaded the lazy susan up nicely with bowls of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, walnuts, chicken sausage, apples, maple syrup, brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon, peanut butter... and we all feasted on personalized oatty goodness.

Also, we'd been on a play date at the bouncy house a couple of months ago and the pups were dying to return, so we decided to do it for Owie's birthday.  His newly two year old self was in heaven.

Sweet birthday gifts arrived in the mail before the big day and after, and on Sunday we had another little gathering; it was a fun week of celebration and treats.
{I totally failed as a photographer at both gatherings -- sorry!}

I'm excited for another year with this little joy.  And so darn happy to be his mama.

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