Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A short-lived friendship

Bob just found a ladybug on the screen door.

First he knocked it down.  Then he dropped to the floor himself to get a better look.  Then he called out, "pet, pet!" and very softly petted the ladybug with his open palm.  Then he picked it up and said, "Hug way-buh!" and held the ladybug tightly to his chest.  Then he put it down, and picked it up again, and put it down, and picked it up again.  And then he popped the ladybug in his mouth and before I could stop him he chewed it up and swallowed it.  And when it was all down he smiled and said, "Mmmm!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bob

I am a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of photos I have from our week-long Easter travels.  I will post some of them soon, family -- do not worry -- but for now I'll just show a few pics of Bob in the stylin' Easter outfit I got just for this very purpose.

my little bubbs is rapidly transforming from a curious baby to a curious boy.

actually i suppose it's already happened.

When I ask Bob to show me "happy" or "sad" he squints like this...

but fortunately there's a lot of genuine "happy" in his little heart.

silly or serious, oh how I love this boy.

how can i help but bubble over with joy with this little face in my life?

Monday, April 18, 2011


This morning Bob and I went exploring outside.  I didn't take my camera out, but little things happened that I wanted to remember...

We played t-ball.  One of Bob's obsessions, along with golf.  He wants to be outside all day long hitting balls.  And it's still pretty darn chilly here.  Which might explain the little cold he seems to be getting.

Gramps ("Pop-Pop") and Ben each took Bob for rides on the tractor -- his other favorite thing.  He waved to me the entire way around.

Bobby saw a birdhouse on a post by the road and thought it was a clock.  We went for a closer look.  Then he noticed the 10-foot drop down to the road -- covered in sharp and pokey deadish looking shrubbery that I could only describe as a brier patch -- and he thought it looked perfect for a slide.  I had to grab the boy up to stop him from throwing himself to his demise.

I carried him away screaming, trying to assuage his tears by insisting that we'd search the barns for a metal sign we could use as a slide.  We checked everywhere but didn't find one.  We settled on a wagon ride.

When we circled back to the barn, the chickens and Bailey were eating some old soggy hamburger buns laying out in the grass.  At first Bob called to them, "Chew, chew, chew!"  But then he wanted some sooo bad.  He kept saying, "Eat bread?  Pease!  Chick eat.  Dog eat.  Bread pease!" and doing the "super please" as we call it -- Bob's super exaggerated two-handed "please" sign.  So again I dragged him away promising him some bread inside.  Turned out he wasn't even that hungry; he just wanted to partake with the animals I guess.


This afternoon after a much-too-short nap I gave Bobby his first haircut.  I postponed as long as I could, but I figured now was the time to lose the Albert Einstein do, no matter how appropriate it may be for a boy with bob's IQ.

Here are some pre-haircut shots from the past few days...

That last one has to be enough to convince you that Bob needed a haircut, right?

Here he is at the very very beginning, before Ben had to hold him still and he started screaming bloody murder.

This is the best shot I have so far of the new do.  It's the best one pretty much only because it doesn't really show the back and sides at all.  Poor Bob.  I'm sure by tomorrow it'll grow in some and look awesome though.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting his bearings

It's fun to watch Bob figure out how to work that tiny little body of his.

Walking he's pretty much mastered, running he's beginning to learn, climbing he's getting better and better at.  Standing himself up he can do no problem (most of the time), but he still uses the tripod method.

when facing downhill, that can be very challenging.

"why didn't you help me, mom?"

almost stuck the standing 

Today we went to the park.  Bob's pants were very slippery.  But Bob is a champ.

The snow is mostly gone and it's beginning to look like spring at last.

My husband is handsome and I love him like crazy.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gram's 90th

Are you ready for a TON of photos?  Hope so...

Gram (Bob's mom's mom's mom's mom, aka great-great-grandmother) turned 90 a couple of weeks ago.  I asked her, "Does 90 years feel like a long time?"

"No, no not really," she said.

Lots of family and distant relatives came up for the party... many of whom I didn't get a picture of.  I guess I focused more on the usual crowd (because they're my loves, I suppose).

Uncle Lee just had his 50th birthday a couple days ago -- Happy birthday and love you!

 Cousin Glen just turned 50, too!  (Right?)

fruitbasket cake is amazing

matching hats, knitted by yours truly using the "Knifty Knitter" 

that lady right up there above bob's head was straight up CRAZY.  not. right.

bob's not too sure about dan yet, but you better get used to him, buddy --
he's my lifelong next door neighbor!

yep, that's probably exactly what I'll look like 
when my grandkids try to take pictures of me in 45 years

I LOVE my Grammie! 

everyone who came in or called would say "happy birthday, gram!" 
and she'd say "happy birthday" back.

bob watches in awe as ben and mason play catch.  he cannot wait to get in on that.
little weirdo.

big weirdo.


When can you stop telling your child's age in months?  Everyone asks, "how old is he?" because they just can't help it; it's a fun little guessing came in your head -- "i bet he's 14 months..." and approximately 45% of the population can't resist knowing how close they were.  So I'm quitting on months...  Bob is "practically one and a half" for now.

"tree horse" 


It's been a whole year since I started my "boblog."  Here's my very first post, Bobby is 5 months old.
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