Thursday, May 23, 2013

why angie's boblog?

I was here at aka Bailey thirty seconds ago (B's a high school friend of mine).  Bailey asks, how'd you come up with your blog name?  Well, Bailey -- that there's a timely question.  Because Sunday is the Netflix release of the new season of Arrested Development!!  We've been waiting for this for -- literally -- three years or something.  What the heck does that have to do with my blog, you ask?

For those who may not have been cool enough to pick up on this, here you go:

That there plus the name of my firstborn and his being the whole point of my writings equaled "angie's boblog."  Funny though -- I thought the pronunciation "bob-log" was obvious, but when I first started about three years ago {first post ever here} our families would say, Oh, I love your bo-blog!  Which made Ben and me laugh because our son's name is Bob for goodnessake!

But anyway... that's that.  So tell me -- are you looking forward to the new AD season as much as we are?!


  1. Yessss!!!!! Haha I love that you promptly put this together, and that's a hysterical origin for your blog name! I watched a whole bunch of AD but somehow never managed to finish watching all of the seasons but this has reignited my desire to do just that. I'll be watching this weekend on Netflix!


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