Friday, May 3, 2013

Life as it should be.

Spring has been shunning us here in Massachusetts it seems.  Until -- this week!  Finally, life is as it should be for two young boys and their mama.

These are the moments when I feel my "mom best"; sitting back, watching the pups explore the elements.  Getting wet, digging their hands and toes into the dirt, feeling the hot sun on their backs, quietly doing their own thing, then coming back together to laugh.  I set it up for them and then say, do your thing!  Nothing fancy necessary; just water in a couple of shallow tubs with measuring cups and funnels (I retired our rainbow rice sensory box for this purpose, dumped the rice into a plastic bag to save for later) and a "dirt box" (we haven't even gotten sand yet but no matter, it's just dirtier!) and a chalk board.  Simple fun.  They come to me with their discoveries and hurts, and in between the joys of enjoying my boys(!?), I might even get to read a page or two out of my book.

And this here is also what I'd call 'Mr. Rogers' parenting, with an emphasis on using basic materials to create and pretend, spending time outside, cooperating (not competing) with others, doing activities for which there is no "right" or "wrong" way.

{They start out fully clothed, I promise, but neither can resist their nudist urges for long.}

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