Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maisy at three months {cuteness overload}

Did I say two months was the sweetest?  Because I meant three.
I'll let the photos from the past few weeks try to tell the story of the joy little Maisy Lou brings.

This face!

These feet.
 We've graduated from the Moby wrap to the Ergo.
 Kissing footsies:
 A little photo shoot in a little vintage dress:
 Picnic lunch.  Maisy doesn't eat yet but she does enjoy tree watching.
 A photo by Bob.  Not bad!
 Maisy's preferred sleeping spot: in her king size bed.
 She just wants you to smile at her all day and she'll smile right back.
These brothers are over the moon for their baby girl.  Pupper openly proclaims Maisy to be his favorite person in the family.
 Bobby reading to Maisy = one of the sweetest things ever.
Check out Bob's camera skills.  {Lest you be too impressed, I set the settings and he snapped 20 shots quickly, 18 of which were completely blurred.}
 Maisy and one of her great grandmothers.
 Her first bottle!  Not exactly a feeding success, but most definitely a cuteness success.
 This face.  I mean... no words!
And then... Pupper and I discovered the adorableness of headbands.  And Pupper gave his baby sis one of his bracelets.
 This onesie was Bob's -- a baby shower gift from Jakes!
Stop it right now with the white bow, Maisy.  Too much.
 This girl.  She is just so darn precious I can't stop smiling and snapping at her.
Cutie girl on the go.  I haven't purchased much for Maisy girl because no need -- but one thing I did buy and love is the aden + anais burpy bib.  It's the perfect shape for hanging over your shoulder and gives nice total coverage as a bib with a small snap to keep it in place.  The fabric is super soft, and gets softer as you wash it.  Perfect for drooly little three month olds.
Maisy Lou will rarely take the sucker, but once in a while she's been known to go for it.  Here she's indulging me with a hands free meal at the fish fry last Friday.
Maisy's leg warmers inherited from Owen.  My sweatshirt inherited from Cass.
 Passed out mid-change when I was called away for some other emergency.
 And... a little three month photo shoot, just because.
Better than her pacifier, she likes her hand and her "little paw" as the boys affectionately it.
 Comfy and content.
 Giving the weird boys some weird looks.
 This girl -- what a delightfully scrumptious little person she is.  We are just too lucky.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

little people big world

This week's guest judge at {iheartfaces} is Jeremy Roloff and I just can't resist a chance to say, "Hi, Jeremy!"  For anyone who doesn't know that I'm a big Little People Big World fan -- well, I am.  I haven't had cable for years, but I remember Gram watching the show when it first came out and telling me about it on the phone while I was away at my freshman year of college.  Around that same time I was reading A Prayer for Owen Meany and I could not put it down -- and so between the two obsessions it was a little joke amongst my friends that I had a thing for little people and I would probably have a little child one day and I probably wanted to.

Well, call it irony or call it chance or God's will or just life, but it turns out that I do have one.  Bobby has been diagnosed with a "growth hormone deficiency."

Ben and I have never been concerned with Bob's small size.  To us, his parents, he just is who he is, and he is awesome.  Yes, he's a head shorter than kids his age, but he runs fast, he climbs well, he eats good food.  Not everyone is tall, right?

The medical community doesn't seem to see it that way.  He's not producing enough growth hormone, so he's not growing enough.  His projected adult height is maybe five feet.  Our society seems to place a large value on height, and so the doctors see this as a problem to be fixed.  And supposedly it can be: with daily artificial growth hormone injections.  Before we go forward with a treatment which to us seems extreme for a four year old, we're seeking a second opinion.  But either way, we're looking at an MRI in our immediate future, with poor little pup under sedation.

It's -- a lot.  It's just been a lot to take in.  So many tests and appointments.  A decision that feels impossibly huge.  Pupper knows a lot about what's going on, but he's never been self-conscious about his size and so any conversation that says, "You're not big enough," just doesn't feel right to us.

Do we just give him the drug and make him taller and give him the advantages that come with height and not worry about it?  Because -- and maybe this is the Owen Meany believers in us -- we just can't shake the feeling that maybe some people are meant to be small.  Just like some are meant to be tall.

But I don't know... I guess any guy, given the choice, would rather be 5'6" than 5' tall, right?  Jeremy, what do you say?  Seriously, I know you're still reading this, right?  Your opinion is a unique one which I'd value greatly.

PS.  Also to Jeremy: My favorite moment of yours on the show was one time when your mom grounded you and you were like, "Okay, Mom," and just reached up and took the car keys from where she'd hidden them on top of the fridge.  Classic.

PPS.  The theme at {iheartfaces} is friendship.  This photo shows Bob and O -- brothers and best pals -- playing on the giant snail at Springside Park.  {I love vintage playground equipment like this, installed circa 1968.}

PPPS.  Jeremy-- if I win, can my prize be a trip to Roloff Farm?  Please!?

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, August 7, 2014

independence weekend {camping with kids part two}

This is one of those times where I'm going to post a ridiculous number of photos of something that happened a month ago.  You're warned.

The Fourth of July, I love.  And check out these cutesters:
{Pupper wanted to wear the same clothes he wore last july fourth.  The hat was gifted to Maisy; he was just about to try it on her and stopped suddenly-- "aaaactually, I think this would fit me."  And then he wore it for days.}
Pupper and Wooden do some exploring while mom and dad set up the family cabin tent.
 With three young kids, car camping is definitely where it's at; no backpacking trips for us yet.  Or ever, probably.  Let's be honest.
Looking down on Pop Pop's from the edge of the woods at the top of the hill where we camp, it's always stunning -- just a beautiful little slice of earth.
 The sky, the mountains, the fields.  I make Ben stop for photos as we make our way down.
 Bob and Pop Pop drive tractors...
 We sup at the house...
 Maisy Lou hangs out like the little sweetheart she is...
 The kids pretend adventure in the toad...
 And they real adventure, too...
 Owen enjoys the toy roller coaster...
 And taking a turn at the wheel...
Ben took the car with our clothes, so Bob and O had to wear some of Vianne's long sleeves when it got chilly.
 Pupper and his three dogs...
 Maisy napped on Pop Pop inside...
 ...while Ben and Tim set off some fireworks to celebrate the fourth...
Then it was back up the hill to our campsite, put the kids to bed in the tent, drink a beer and eat a s'more by the fire.
 The next day, some early morning fishing...
 Little guy and big guy, one of Bob's favorite friends, Tim...
 Eating trail mix and watching the guys take down some trees...
 Swimming in the pond...
 Maisy hung around sweetly while I supervised the swimming...
 Some exploring...
 And sister-lovin...
 And pretend fishing...
 And picnic suppering on fire roasted hot dogs and macaroni salad.
 I was there, too!  Mostly holding my sweetie.
 "How about a few casts before bed?" asks Bob.
The wildflowers are going crazy at this time of year and I love it.
 In the morning, we snuggle and read and get dressed for more fun...
And the pups get in one more swim session before we head home.  (And I swam too this time, just for the record.)
 Owen's not that good at forward motion in the water yet, so Bob kindly tows him back to the ladder.
 Watching this little guy jump is one of my favorite parts of summer.

A weekend unplugged and out under the stars is often just what's needed.  Then when we get home the boys usually have to spend one entire day in their playroom playing with all their toys.  To make up for lost time, I guess.
We camped out again this past weekend; we will again.  By the end of the summer little Maisy girl will be an old pro.

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