Monday, May 30, 2011

Jamaica, how i miss you

It's Sandals/Beaches Resorts photo contest time again, and we are dying to win.  Jamaica is calling my name.  LOUD.  We can choose up to three shots to enter -- please help us decide which are the best by leaving a comment with your top three choices.  Seriously, I'm counting on you. 

Which three are most likely to get us the win?  Tell me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

taking care of gram

We were in the Berkshires taking care of Gram for the past week and a half.

Bobby loves gram, and he loves taking care of her.  "Dwam," he calls her.  The first thing he asks when we're coming down the attic stairs in the morning is, "See dwam?"  I tell him she's still sleeping.  "Dit up, dwam!" he says. 

He brings her cane to her at least twenty times a day.  Same with the tv remote.  Gram has to breathe from a vaporizer type thingy three times a day --  we call it her "breather" and i don't even know what it's really called -- and bobby loves it.  The other day I said to gram, "wanna do your breather?"  Bobby was in the other room but he heard me, and he booked it across the house to where the breather is stored, picked it up, carried it over and put it on the coffee table in front of gram's chair.  Now he gets it out and puts it back almost every time.  He's like a little angel, seriously.  (Oh, not always... just when it comes to gram.)

I didn't upload any photos while we were gone because it's not ideal, but i did bring the cable and then forgot it at gram's, so now we're finally home and i still can't get my pics.  Lame.

Here's one just to hold you over til i get my cable back...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

stuff he likes at 1.5

steering.  tractor. toad. jeep. all the trucks. other people's cars in parking lots.  it never stops.  i'm thinking about buying bob a powerwheels jeep.  just the reprieve from my role as driver's ed instructor would have to be well worth the expenditure.

robots.  it all started with pop-pop signing into aol (yes, gramps and kay still use aol, believe it or not) and me telling bob the words "you've got mail" were a robot speaking.  now he wants pop-pop to check his email all the time and he's always talking about robots.  i go to text to speech websites like this one and type in things like "hello, robert.  i am a robot. i have a very important mission for you.  meet me in the garage in ten minutes.  beep boop beep boop."

giving the dogs their biscuits.  "dog bi pwease mama?  fay (thanks) dada."  the joy on his face when I say okay is going to cause us all to make the dogs get super fat; "oh-tay mama!" he says clapping.  also he likes to sneak dog food and wade in the water bowl.

I am a Bunny, a book illustrated by Richard Scarry about a little bunny named Nicholas and what he likes to do in each season.  My little cousin Simone gave it to him for easter.  Bob makes us read this book at least 3 or 4 times in a row.  "nick, nick, hug nick!"  (actually this one only lasted for a week or so; he's over it now)

cereal.  especially the kinds his dad eats and not the kinds i want him to eat.

going up and down stairs.  when can i start letting bob do the stairs without supervision?  our days would consist of half the struggles if i just let him climb the stairs whenever he wanted to.  problem is, for the supervisor that game gets old real real quick.

wii basketball.

tee-ball and golf.  anything even remotely long and thin is considered a bat.  he has a golf set in his room, but i don't think i have any pictures...

helping wipe his wiener when i change his diaper.  he steals wipes and shoves 'em down there and says, "tween, tween. tween poo-poo."

his mama.  oh, dear, he never lets me be.  but he's so darn lovable that i usually don't mind.  he still gives open mouth kisses, but he also gives real "mmmwaw" kisses now.  "ti mama.  ti dada."

being called "bobby."  lately when we call him "bob" he corrects us.  today i said, "do you want to draw, bob?" and he replied, "draw, bobby!"  he does it all the time.  i guess he's chosen his nickname.

it's hilarious how opinionated a one and a half year old can be.  i love it.  and i love my boy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in Beverly

Last weekend we paid our first visit to Bobby's birthplace since we moved last fall.  Everything was just the same, which was comforting in a way.

I carried my camera around the whole weekend and pretty much only took pictures of Bob; I didn't even take photos of our friends.  But that's ok, because most of the time friends don't love having their pictures taken anyway, and it's good to just hang without a lens attached to my face.

I did capture some of the basic essentials of a trip to the Kingdom of Beverly...

Like a stop at DD on our drive out...

... which included Bob's first solo donut.  It was so cute how perfectly he pronounced "donut" -- over and over he kept saying, "eat donut."  He was feeling pretty mature I'm sure.

Second essential of a trip to the North Shore (especially in the spring): a visit to Glen Magna Farms in Danvers.  I discovered this place on a lunch break while working at the law office; life was never the same thereafter.

Next thing we had to to was drive through our old neighborhood and stop to play at "our" park...

We stayed at our pals the Zobas' place.  Bob loved playing with the baker's rack and pots and pans and lids and giant wooden spoon and fork.  He thought he was a real chef or something.  Also they had a little wooden figurine -- like the kind used for drawing -- that he called "Tiny Zoba."  And their exercise machine he thought was a motorcycle and kept asking to "drive backward."

We walked down to another park nearby (gotta take advantage since we now live in hickville)...

I try to be friendly to other kids at the park, but you know how sometimes they just take it too far and won't leave you alone?  And the only explanation would seem to be that they're neglected or something?

So... I was making Ben and Christina play obstacle course with me (design a course to run through the playground and time each other -- yes, I know, not something adults usually do but I'm fun like that) and just when we were wrapping up the first round two little kids come up and ask if they can play too.  Of course I say yes, but then they proceed to cheat by not following the course exactly or even close, and then insisting that we time them over and over and cheer at their every pass across the monkey bars or arrival at the finish line.  But the kids really took it too far when they started trying to out-do each other, performing more and more ridiculous stunts until we were sure one of them would be killed.  And that's when we made our exit.

Bob never feels more mature than when he's walking on a sidewalk; he's like a whole different little person, just strolling along, living life, taking in the sights and choosing his own destiny.

We walked to dinner at Siam Delight, our favorite Thai place, actually it's probably our favorite restaurant period.  Oh, how we've been longing for that food... Massaman curry is to die for.

As we were about to leave I tried to take a picture of Bob and his friend Christina ("Treeana" as he called her) but Bob was a little sad about it...

... even the sucker and blankie didn't really help...

And then we came home.  I wish I had a comfy car seat and a blankie so that I could sleep most of the way like Bobby does.


Sometimes I sleep regardless.  Ben always insists on driving even though I do offer to take a turn; he's a man like that (and honestly, on long trips I prefer to chillax anyway.)

Road trips are fun, except that sometimes I get lazy and bring Bobby to our bed when he wakes up in the night, and then I spend the next week listening to cries of "lay down mama!" at all hours of the night.  I had lots of talks with Bob about being a big boy today, and so far tonight seems to be going better... he did cry after I laid him down; when I poked my head in to say, "I love you, go to sleep," he said, "no twy-baby" and plopped himself back down.  That a'boy.

And now, "oh deeah!" as Bobby would say.  I need to get to bed.
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