Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pixley Falls State Park

On Sunday after church we drove up to Pixley Falls State Park.  I'd never even heard of it but Ben made the discovery looking for family funtivities online.

There were quite a few little falls like this one...

...and this here is the big waterfall, which I'm assuming is Pixley Falls.

I pretty much always offer to take people's picture for them at places like this when I see them snapping shots of each other in front of the attraction, as I did for those folks above.  Other than just the feeling of doing a good deed and knowing they'll smile at the gems I captured for them when they get home later, the best part is that people almost always offer to do the same for us, and then I get a photo like this without having to prop my camera on a rock.  And wouldn't you know it, Bob even waved.

Bob had a grand old time picking up rocks and throwing them...

... then handing them to dad to throw much farther.

Bob was so totally impressed by how high Ben could throw the rocks.  He watched his dad throw rock after rock after rock and this was the look on his face as they flew through the air:

"Here, dad, do another."

and another.

I could not get enough of that face.  Bob had Ben and me laughing so hard.

I climbed right up next to the waterfall to get the full effect and take pictures.

It was so beautiful up close -- water droplets and mist and vibrant green grass and moss.

Something about that much water falling is both totally exhilarating and relaxing at once.  (And very loud.)

Ben and Bob just kept throwing rocks...

The cliffside kinda reminded me of Mr. Miagi's bonsai tree in Karate Kid 3.

This here is just about where I was sitting when I took the pics above...

While Ben took his turn on the peace rock Bobby and I explored the streams.

Right after the next picture was taken, Bob came this close to toppling over into the water.  So close that at least one, if not both of his boots left the rock.  Somehow he regained his balance and saved it; I'm pretty sure I would have caught him at the last second if he didn't, but I'm glad we didn't have to find out.

We walked the trails a little bit but hiking didn't work out all that well because Bob just wanted to run back and forth across the little bridges covering the streams.  To him the bridges were flat stairs -- what could be more fun?


This place made me want to go swimming so so bad, but obviously it was too cold.  Maybe we'll head back this summer when it's warmer, but even then the water's got to be freezing.

When I was a kid I loved to swim so much that in the spring I started taking cold showers to build up my endurance for cold water, so that when I was presented with an opportunity to take a dip or a dive I wouldn't balk at it no matter how frigid the water may be.

me on Grampa Sonny's boat, back in the day

Now I'm a grownup and I am much less cool and adventurous and brave and I like my swimming holes to be good and warm.  But I'm still just as excited for summer.

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  1. Angie, wonderful pictures! Your family is beautiful and "Little Bobby Burgess" is absolutely adorable! Enjoy!


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