Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It's been a lovely spring thus far.  Can I say it enough how wonderful it is to be able to pile out the door without even putting on shoes and socks?  {Well -- until last week when it was just plain rainy...  But it seems the sun is back!}

Some of what we've been up to since spring has sprung...

01 ... a quick stop for three rides at the carnival
02 ... whitney's farm is a favorite for spring, summer and fall alike
03 ... owen was surprisingly brave!  (and bob was unsurprisingly brave)
04 ... first ice cream outing of the season, and owen's first solo cone!
05 ... when bob sees a kid on the circle riding or scooting he's sure to rush out and tag along
06 ... i dare you to bounce on a trampoline and not laugh
07 ... after much begging from bob - a family trip to the golf course
08 ... these boys love helmets and anything with wheels
09 ... hard to watch your baby sit in a mud puddle, but boys need to be boys
10 ... i've been known to disappear outside to be found blowing giant bubbles alone.  so relaxing.
11 ... boys and their balls.  enough said.
12 ... any park, every park.
13 ... bob will say, "mom, there's still a little bit of pretty light left.  want to go outside?"  yeppers.
14 ... exploring everywhere.  climbing everything.  talking to everybody.
15 ... third thursdays - a fun way to get out and grab a treat, hear some live music, and meet some interesting pittsfield characters.

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  1. Your spring looks like it was incredible! I cannot wait to see what your summer has in store!


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