Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting his bearings

It's fun to watch Bob figure out how to work that tiny little body of his.

Walking he's pretty much mastered, running he's beginning to learn, climbing he's getting better and better at.  Standing himself up he can do no problem (most of the time), but he still uses the tripod method.

when facing downhill, that can be very challenging.

"why didn't you help me, mom?"

almost stuck the standing 

Today we went to the park.  Bob's pants were very slippery.  But Bob is a champ.

The snow is mostly gone and it's beginning to look like spring at last.

My husband is handsome and I love him like crazy.

Happy weekend!


  1. ANG - did you see how far he flew off the slide???? Did the camera add ten feet or was that C-R-A-Z-Y??!!! What a sport. Loved it. You guys moving to RH now or what?

  2. Camera view was accurate -- it was absolutely nuts. Bob was awesome and went right back up and down. We're not sure what we're doing... don't you want to move here and be farmers with us!?


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