Friday, May 23, 2014

river adventure education

Days where we make it here are automatically categorized as a success.  The river is toddler/preschooler/adult education at its finest.  We study many subjects at once: science, art, phys ed, religion, ourselves.

We gain both physical skill and mental confidence as we climb over wobbly rocks and fallen trees.

We learn that no matter how many rocks we throw into the current, the water keeps flowing and the shore is still littered with stones.

We are calmed and centered by the soothing sounds of the creek and birds and critters shuffling through crunchy leaves.

Our senses are stimulated by the cold water, the warm sun, the rough rocks and smooth stones.

Our bond is strengthened by shared experiences and helping hands.

We cultivate our sense of adventure and expand our imaginations exploring a place that is always new.

Owen and Maisy and I struggle to keep up with Bobby, who is one crazy brave skilled river adventurer.  He skips and hops and climbs and wades ahead singing to himself and his new toy pet snake, "River adventure, river adventure!"
Owen fills my pockets with rocks...

And I found a perfectly heart shaped stone to commemorate Maisy's first river adventure...

We're thankful to have this treasure running along our road.  And thankful for spring!

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  1. So much fun! I always loved playing around outdoors and in the river near my house when I was younger :)


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