Wednesday, November 26, 2014

snowy Thanksgiving Eve

November has been a fickle month.  Two days ago we were splashing in puddles and collecting acorns on a long short walk (long as in time, short as in distance)...
And then today was a full scale blizzard!  Ben came home early (!) and we had a family snow party.  Snowballs, tree climbing, a little sledding, and an eight foot snowman.  Way to start off winter right.  Boom.

This girl was loving her first time out in the snow.  I gave her a taste and she was like me last winter -- spazzing out every second that I wasn't holding out a handful for her to eat.  And that pretty much froze her little face right off, so we went in for nursies and cocoa.

A super fun Thanksgiving Eve.  A happy one to you!

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