Wednesday, December 24, 2014

the christmas spirit

We've been hunkered down sick, but hunkered down with plenty of Christmas spirit.  The anticipation has been mounting and at this point Bob is absolutely oozing with excitement.  Yesterday morning he ran into my room and jumped in the bed and shout-whispered, "I'm so happy because tomorrow is the day before Christmas Eve!"  And today, "I know it's a very busy day today because I know that Christmas Eve comes tomorrow!" 
Owen is completely obsessed with making "gingerbread" cookies (I have yet to actually make gingerbread... today is the day though!  or tomorrow...)  He'd prefer to make the real deal of course, but play doh pretending is almost just as good -- in some ways better because he has complete control over all aspects of cookie cookery.  Yesterday a wrapped package of mini cookie cutters appeared under the tree and let's just say Wooden spent the entire day at the table playing; I'm talking about 6+ hours all together.  And yep, he's right back at it today.  Pupper's been there much of the time too, but he's half as obsessed as little bro.  Best $4 spent this Christmas.
Maisy Lou, she's just the sweetest age -- intrigued by all the new twinkle in our home, rolling here and there and under the tree, but just young enough that she's not much of a menace yet.  (And I say menace in the most endearing way possible; we love our baby menaces.)  We picked up Lucy and Tom's Christmas at the library last time around (super sweet, by the way) and Bob and I have fun imagining Maisy playing with the wrapping paper on Christmas morning and falling asleep in a pile of it like the baby in the book.  Paper is her favorite these days when she can get her hands on it.

Last year we had trouble understanding the idea of giving which was partly due to age and perhaps partly my fault... I made the mistake of putting tiny toys or treats in the daily advent drawers and that totally overshadowed all else.  This year our drawers contain only our advent story books and little notes with suggestions for acts of kindness from our friend Elfie (who disappeared to the North Pole for repair somewhere around December 4th and has yet to return).  The boys also have chocolate advent calendars from Grandma which, let's be honest, are probably their favorite part.  What's fun is that Bob is really starting to get the giving... For Owen he made a stuffed millipede (Wooden once declared "millipede" to be his favorite word), for Maisy he painted an egg carton into... something, and for Dad he helped make... something else.  All really thoughtful gifts that warmed my heart like crazy.
Ben and I wrapped the kids' presents tonight while watching a cheesy Christmas movie and it was utterly romantic.  And now it's wicked late and I best get myself to bed.  I can't wait to see how excited Pup is tomorrow morning that it's Christmas Eve!  We'll be baking cookies for Santa and making a banner for Jesus and I can't be my best without rest!
One last thing for tonight... Self-timer Christmas card photo -- BOOM!  That there's one of my favorite outtakes.  Getting the little boy people to cooperate for a posed photo is not easy... unless you bribe them with hot chocolate!  Made what would normally be a quick series of forced smiles into a cute lil fun time.
Have a merry one!

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  1. I love all the Christmas touches around your home! Great family photo at the end - and don't mind how late I'm commenting on your Christmas blog ;)


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