Sunday, June 19, 2011

farm pics and father's day

Along with the batch from my last post I uploaded some photos from one random day on the farm...

I, for one, love dandelions.  I don't know why anyone would want to weed them out.

Bobby loves them, too.

But he also loves rocks.

He kinda loves everything.

Including taking pictures with my camera lately.  When I let him he takes about twenty photos in a row of almost the exact same thing.  Here are a couple of his artistic shots.

wearing his "pilgrim girl hat"

And here's my love, known to Bob as "dada" or "daddy" or occasionally "Ben,"  as in "hey,ben!" which bob loves to mimic when i say.  yeah i don't think that sentence came out right but i'm too lazy/tired to read back.  but i'm not too lazy/tired to add this: ben is my favorite and i couldn't be more thankful that he's the father of my child(ren).  Happy Father's Day, Benjamin!

And Happy Father's Day also to the fathers that made my life possible -- my dad, my Gramps, and my Grampa Sonny.  Love you all!

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