Thursday, June 30, 2011

random notes from june

June's almost over and I'm still without my computer but I did throughout the month jot down a few bob notes... Here they are.

He thinks every hair he finds is a dog hair.  When he gets a hair in his mouth he says, "Bobby eat dog hay-ah."

This morning when bobby woke up the first intelligible thing he said was "mama cool bra."  (it was on the floor near his pack n play.)  then he starts saying "whey-ah mama doe? whey-ah mama doe?"  (where'd mama go?) because apparently he didn't notice i was in the bed five feet away.  i brought him to my bed to snuggle and we tickled and such, and then suddenly he climbed down and went over and got my bra and carried it over and said, "mommy put bra on."  so i did.  then as we're coming down the stairs he pats my boob and says satisfied "mommy bra on."  gosh, he's weird.

he's a little obsessed with the computer.  he rarely lets me sit here without wanting to get on my lap and "mooooah" (move the mouse/bash the keyboard).  i love how he pronounces computer: "puh-poo-ah."

his new favorite show is Super Why on pbs.  he's watching it right now.  once in a while he actually calls out and responds when they ask him to.  just now when they said, "and what's your name?" he shouted "bobby!" with a huge grin on his face.  "Super readers to the rescue!"  It's so ridiculous but he loves it.

bobby is the sweetest boy ever.  he loves everything cute.  "so cute!" he'll exclaim.  he loves puppies and kittens, butterflies and flowers, and babies, and my little ponies.  i'm making him sound like a girlie boy.  he's not.  he loves mud and bugs and every sport he has ever encountered and watching trucks drive by.  and he's also just a total sweetheart who dives down to kiss my foot if I say, "ow, I stubbed my toe."

he's a little smarty pants, too.  he's jib-jabbering away constantly.  observing or imagining or begging or repeating.  i really need to use the video camera more often because i know this adorable tiny voice and funny dialect won't last for long.

i'll be back with pics (and maybe even a movie) one day soon i hope.


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