Saturday, March 31, 2012

last friday and today

I just can't seem to keep up with blogging.  Two babies take up a lot of time.  (Seriously, Mary Jo, I don't know how you're doing it with four!)  I have about five posts started, but I have trouble finishing.  I am determined to make it happen tonight though, because Ben is out of town for a wedding this weekend, and both babes are asleep, so I have no distractions.  We had all planned to go to the wedding (sorry Randy and Heather!), but Bobby came down with a cold and I decided it would be better for us to stay home and get better.  I also thought it might be good for Ben to get a little break -- a chance to have a fun weekend with his buds and not worry about sick babies in tow.  Now I'm missing my hubbs and sort-of wishing I were with him, but also I'm glad my little sickie is asleep in his own bed.  Hopefully he sleeps a little better tonight than he did last night.

But anyway... my blog brain is still back in last week.  At last Friday in particular because it turned out to be a special day and I managed to take quite a few pictures, which has become a bit rare.

Ben was off to work at 6:00 and the rest of us woke up at our usual time -- both of my angels let me sleep til about 9 nowadays.  Sometimes I get up a little before them; sometimes not.  I like my sleep.

Bobby was up first.  He doesn't climb out of his crib, or even try to.  I guess he thinks it's not allowed.  Which is fine by me.

He woke up in a super pleasant mood...

... and ran straight in to wake up Owen.

Owen didn't mind.  He loves morningtime.

Bob loves breakfast.  His usual is some combination of: cereal with yogurt, apples or bananas, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and milk.  Lately he wakes up and says, "Haiwy Mit-wawy is hundwee fo-ah his bis-tits and veal.  Vat's oatmeal!"  (Translation: "Hairy Maclary is hungry for his biscuits and veal. That's oatmeal!"  Meaning, he wants me to make him oatmeal and pretend it's biscuits and veal and he is Hairy Maclary -- a dog in stories by Lynley Dodd.)

Owen hangs out in his cradle or on the floor or in my arms or in a sling...

... and a little later if I'm lucky I can lay him down for a little nap and get something done around the house or have some one on one playtime with Bob.

This last Friday that didn't happen until almost lunchtime, so we stayed out for a picnic lunch.

He chose the spot for his picnic blanket, right next to the big tree.

And he ate happily for a few minutes...

... until he stood up and dusted off his hands and declared, "I'm all done.  I need to pway."  That's why picnic lunches don't always work so great.

Then we went in for naptime.  The first thing Bob said when he woke up was something about going to the golf course -- I don't remember now exactly what.  He's been dying for some mini golf all winter.  Recently we drove past Baker's and he noticed that the tarp was off the windmill so he's thinking it's time... I told him I'd call and see if they were open yet.  I did.  They weren't.  Bob was sad.  So I mentioned another place he might be interested in -- candlepin bowling with little balls that were small enough for him to carry!  Oooh!  He was super excited, of course.

Dad came home.  We played outside in the fake summer weather for a bit.

Owen hung out as he usually does.  Attached to his mama.

We brought it back inside to have supper and get ready for...


The place was almost completely empty... in fact it was empty about 15 minutes in, and thus it was very quiet, which was perfect for bowling with an infant in tow.  I remember we brought Bobby bowling when he was about Owen's age and he didn't like it one bit.

Owen was a champion and was "happy as a clam" in the Ergo the entire time, even while I bowled.

This place isn't quite as glamorous as I remember it being when I went there for elementary school birthday parties.  Truth be told, it's quite a dump.

But whatever.  Dumps are perfect if they drive the other customers away.  That's my motto.

Bowling -- even in the shabbiest of bowling alleys -- ain't cheap, though.  Bob's thirty minutes of glory set us back $21.

And of course he cried a little when it was time to leave.  But he got over it quickly.

And of course he has asked if we could go back every single day since then.  I had to do something to get him to quit begging.

So I decided to combine potty training with a reward system for bowling.  Now every time he asks, "But pwease tan we doe to Impewial Bowl?"  I say, "Like I already told you, bowling costs money.  We can't go there every day.  We can go back as soon as you fill your jar with marbles.  Every time you pee or poop on the potty you can put one marble in the jar."  It's been casual so far, but tonight put me over the edge.  He pooped in the tub.  He said, "It's just gonna be a toot," and he grabbed the edge of the tub and he dumped a couple of giant logs into his bathwater.  I grabbed him out and sat him on his little potty and as I scooped poop out of the tub with a fish net I declared, That's it!  Starting tomorrow, no more diapers!  That upset him -- he cried a little and said, "Puppy was sad because he wanted somethin to wear on his bum."  Don't worry, buddy.  You can wear undies.

But... I digress.

It's getting pretty darn late so I think I need to wrap this up.

Here's a little video of bob's night out bowling.  I had planned to just string the clips together and then I noticed this new movie trailer feature in iMovie and felt like trying it out, so... this is what you get.  I did it quickly.  It's kinda goofy.  Whatever.


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