Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Owen, you are two months old.

more like two and a half months actually.  i'm a little bit behind.

you have changed so much since i last wrote; you're a totally different baby now.  you started rolling over from your belly to your back at five weeks.  you hold up your body with your legs.  your neck is remarkably stable.  you look like you're trying to understand me when i talk to you, and you try to talk back.  you really smile and sometimes a laugh gets stuck in your belly, but you haven't been able to set one free yet.

you punch yourself in the face a lot.  you try so hard to suck your thumb but mostly mash yourself in the eye or lick your hand or just continually tease yourself with your own lack of control over your fingers.

you are, for the most part, a really great sleeper.  you nurse a lot during the day, but you've been taking a nice, long 3 or 4 hour nap in the afternoon, then sleeping at night from around 9 til about 1am, when i take you into bed with me and you nurse back to sleep.  you normally eat once or twice more, but keep sleeping and snuggling til 8 or 9 am.  then you're awake and happy for most of the morning.

(of course, as i finish typing that, you wake up 45 minutes into your "3 or 4 hour nap" and i change you and snuggle you up and bounce you back to sleep.  but hopefully that did the trick?)

for a while you were wanting to be held all the time -- i couldn't lay you down to sleep at all.  i tried tricking you into thinking i was still holding you...

then eventually after you woke up the third or fourth time you started looking around like, "where exactly are you, mom?" and couldn't find me and freaked out.

you are so big!  at your two month appointment on the 21st you weighed 12 pounds, 13 ounces.  that's more than half of bobby already!

you're wearing clothes that bob wore when he was six months old.

your little baby smiles are so darn cute.  every one melts my heart just a little bit more.

sometimes when i squeeze you up close and snuggle into your deliciously chubby neck i feel this strong shudder of pure emotion course through me -- a feeling that almost brings me to tears, or does on occasion -- and i know that i love you even more than i did before.

you are so far a total mama's boy.  you need to be in my arms or looking at my face almost every waking minute.  and many sleeping minutes.  you spend a lot of time in the baby carriers so that i can have my hands somewhat free -- when you were a newborn it was the moby wrap but now we're on the the ergo...

and our latest addition the peanut shell (which i bought to wear to a wedding, but turns out to be cute and convenient and maybe our new favorite?)

sometimes you do let other people who love you hold you, like cass and kara...

and your dad...

and big gram...

you hang out in your rocking seat quite a bit.  i carry you from room to room and you watch me wash dishes or fold laundry or cook or bathe bob or whatever.

and you sleep in there, too.

other things you like: the ceiling fan, the shapes on the wall above your changing table, word flash cards, a couple of rattly toys, holding hands, smiling to and fro... watching everyone and hanging with bob...

Here you are in your MJ getup -- a hand-me-down from bob's collection.

living it up in the little recliner i made for you...

 i ask bobby to give you a kiss...

ew. gross.

we're sort-of homebodies so you don't spend a whole lot of time in your car seat, but of course you do go for a ride pretty regularly.

one of your favorite places is on your changing table.

another is my bed.

you are such a cutie patootie.

look at that little mouth.  i just want to run into the next room and kiss it right now.

you are so very special, little owen.

i love you.

and now i must go snuggle you.

xox, your mama.

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