Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's day gift ideas

Just thought I'd help everyone out by sharing all the stuff I want for mother's day:

I love this silouhette necklace but I'm not sure which photo I'd use (use code SPRING for 10% off).

I also adore these fingerprint necklace charms.  So so so precious.  I'd love one for each of my babies (but don't worry, honey -- I know it's not in the budget).

I need a copy of this book.  Watch the video and you'll need it too.

You can get $90 worth of photo products (I've had my mind on ordering a couple of canvas prints for a while now) for $30 at Eversave.  Plus Picaboo is offering 30% off photo books and 15% off everything else now through April 30 (code SAVETREES).  If all THAT doesn't inspire me to put some of my digital images to use, I don't know what will.

Also I want a maid to come clean my house.  Really REALLY well.  Just one time.  Or forever.  But just once would be nice.

And I need measuring spoons.  Because I garbage disposaled mine.  Again.

(You can steal these gift ideas for the beloved mother in your own life -- you don't have to get them for me :)

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