Monday, April 30, 2012

Searches and thanks and the Berkshire Museum (not in that order)

Randomness tonight.

First, I owe a couple of 'thank you's:  Mother-in-law, thanks for the happy socks.  Aunt Trisha, thanks for the coupons.  We used one on Saturday -- finally took Bob to check out the Berkshire Museum.

He was into it.  Starting outside with Wally the Stegosaurus.

Even more exciting was digging for dinosaur bones in the "giant sandbox."

I don't think technically you're supposed to let your kids climb in, but we were the only ones there and bob is a midge, so...

Lots and lots of stuffed animals.  The kind that used to be alive.

A self-portrait with my littlest boy...

For some reason Bob didn't seem to notice or care that he was seeing a bunch of dead things.  He doesn't understand dead at all anyway.  I picked up a dead rodent in our yard and threw it into the bushes a couple of weeks ago and bob still talks about it playing over there.

The glowing rocks were fascinating, mostly because a stool was required for viewing.

The world of miniatures was pretty cool.

Some of the scenes were a little graphic.

But again, Bob didn't seem to notice that the cute lions...

... were eating the cute "sleeping" zebra.

Bob's favorite was the Northern Tundra.  "Those wolves love playing in the snow!"  Yeah, they're just playing.  Not stalking the oxen.

There were a few creating stations in different exhibits.  Bobbert just likes to climb up and back down and move on all within a span of 60 seconds or less.

The aquarium was pretty lame.  I thought you used to be able to pet starfish?  I suppose they all died from being handled by hooligans.

The Alexander Calder exhibit was possibly Bob's favorite because he got to play with "his" pet cow.

A tantrum ensued when we had to say goodbye to this little guy.

David Henderson's sculpture in the Ellen Crane Memorial Room is pretty amazing...

Tried for a family photo inside but Bob wasn't particularly cooperative.

Sadly, even though those are awful, they're probably the best photos of the four of us taken to date.  Maybe the only ones since the hospital?

A last random bit for you.  It's fun to check my blogger stats and see what google search terms have led readers to my blog.  Thought I'd share a few of my recent favorites:

why is my vagina sad?
angie burgess boobs
karate kid bonsai tree
the funniest joke ever with pictures
sad vagina day
how to poop at the playground
lil nerd toddler

Tell me: if you were one of those searchers, did you find what you were looking for?

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  1. i am losing it over here reading your google search terms! is that seriously what people have searched? haha!! anyway, i love reading your posts and seeing pictures of your awesome family!


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