Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bob is two and a half!?

Dear Bob,
Today, on your two and a half year birthday...
you woke up early (7 or so) and got out of bed and grabbed a few books from your shelf and lay on the floor just inside your bedroom door with your blankie and suckie waiting for any sound so you can peek under your door and see if i'm up, just like you do every morning, except this morning you got impatient and yelled, "mom!  come for me!  hurry up!",
i got you out of your room and we snuggled on the couch,
we ate breakfast (cereal and yogurt with applesauce on the side) and watched fireman sam,
you tackled my laundry piles and threw the pillows off my freshly made bed,
we played guitar hero while owen slept,
you took an early nap, and woke from it way too early,
you ate lunch (peanut butter and jelly) and watched more fireman sam,
we made half birthday blueberry muffins (mostly i made them while you pretended the can opener was the jaws of life),
i washed the dishes while you continued to pretend to rescue everything,
you ate a muffin while asking me over and over, "do you wite my special tuptakes? (a modified line from a fireman sam episode),
you and owen took a rainy day afternoon bath together,
owen fell asleep and i got you all lotioned and dressed,
we set up all the little people in the playroom ("supah-peeps!"),
you ran around like a lunatic kicking and throwing every ball all over the place including down the cellar stairs when i went to do laundry,
you gave owen a drink of water from your cup (he was pretty psyched),
you took some pictures with my camera ("mom, i need to tate a picture.  get me the nite-in (nikon).  get it.  get vuh nite-in!"),
you jumped on dad when he came home from work and asked him to swing you around,
you menaced around in the kitchen while i cooked supper,
you ate your dinner (macaroni with tomato sauce, sausage and peas),
we sang "happy half birthday" to you and even though it took you about fifteen tries you succeeded in blowing out all two and a half candles all by yourself,
you ate your muffin while making me pretend to be a fish and "mate-in hand princes" (making hand prints) in the final third of your dessert (aka squashing your muffin with your palm),
you cracked all your plastic eggs and did your best to play quietly while i settled owen down for his short evening nap,
you ran to the bathroom to poop without me making you (hooray!),
you brushed your teeth with your spiderman toothbrush, with both kids crest and toddler orajel toothpastes, and then i finished the job with your winnie the pooh toothbrush,
i lotioned and jammied you up,
dad read you a couple of books and hugged and kissed you goodnight,
then i read you a couple more and we said our prayers and i sang "you are my sunshine" and turned on your "nuh-nite show" (projector with lullaby) and tucked you in with your little stuffed puppies and blankie and suckie,
then you had to get out of bed to pee one more time,
and i tucked you in again and left,
and then you had to pee one more time,
and then i tucked you in one last time and you played around throwing snuggly things on the floor and rescuing them,
but soon you settled in and went to sleep.
and then, just now, i went to take you to pee before i went to bed, and i found you blocking your bedroom door, asleep on the floor just inside it.
i slowly pushed you out of the way with the door, and picked you up, and put you on the potty, and then brought you back to bed and snuggled you in and kissed you and told you i love you.
and now i'm going to bed, and i'll see you right when we wake up.
you're my favorite.
xoxo, mom.

I have a weekly planner for 2012 that i've been putting bob quotes in every day this year.  Here are today's:

"Puppy was fih-sty when he wote up fwom his nap.  He needed some zuice!  He weached and weached -- and he dot it!"  (he narrates practically his entire life)

Bob had just used the toilet.
Mom: "Are you sure you don't have any more poop?  There's only one little guy in there."
Bob: "Tan I see you, widdle duy?  Hi!  I wite you, widdle duy!  He wants to doe to Impewial Bowl wif me!  But he has to stay in vuh potty."

"The baby twaw is mate-in muffins."  (the "baby claw" was a whisk)

"'What are you doin wif vuh jaws of wife?'  Tan you say vat, mom?  Don't touch my tools.  Vey-ah dangeh-wous.  Vey-ah fo-ah mate-in muffins."  ("they're dangerous.  they're for making muffins.")

"We need somefin to spway vuh fire out.  Stitty wateh -- it's talled see-wup."  ("sticky water -- it's called syrup.")

Shortly after, he's still playing with the maple syrup bottle.  He stacks up a bunch of soup cans.  Then he asks me to put a tiny plastic bunny "on top of the cliff."  Then he runs over with the bottle of syrup and pretends to squirt it at the bunny.  "I need to spway him down wif vuh see-wup!"

Everything I ask him to pick up he says, "So vey don't be a cho-tin haz-id." or "It's gonna be a big big chotin haz-id." (that's "choking hazard" in case you didn't get it)

"There's one sindle muffin spwintul (sprinkle) on vuh dwound.  I'll eat it!  'Yummy!' said Puppy."

I wrote all that yesterday, but my mac wasn't cooperating with photo time, so i couldn't get the pics together until tonight...

"feeding" owen some water...

"Don't take my picture.  I said I wanted the Nikon."

Cute baby bro:

90% of the times when i try to take a photo of them together, bob dives out of the picture:

two and a half candles...

i love me some two and a half year old cuteness.

and that's all she wrote.  goodnight.

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