Wednesday, June 12, 2013

inaugural camping trip 2013

the season's inaugural camping trip!
anticipated for months, planned for weeks, postponed due to weather...
so much stuff to schlep for two adults and two littles!  (in order to camp in comfort, that is.)
but so worth it.

i love to see my boys engrossed in the elements.  they rip off their shoes and clothes -- unable to resist the calling of the mud to their toes and the water to their bodies.  they sit by the fire and add a layer of ash to their covering of dirt while they enjoy s'mores and add a whole sticky element to the situation (Owen missed this actually, he was conked out).  last year bob too was a bit young for the nighttime treats of camping: by dusk he always announced, "come on, mom, let's go to the tent.  i'm tired."  but this year he stayed up late: poked the fire, roasted marshmallows, shined his flashlight into the dark woods.  the beginnings of manhood.

going to sleep with my babes close by, listening to the crackle of the campfire and the peeping peepers and the wind in the trees, it's perfect.  so peaceful.  no distractions.  looking forward to going back.


  1. You have such gorgeous photos. I love the one by the fire, and the one by the lake with the sunglasses. They are perfect! Definitely made me want to go camping :-)

  2. This looks like the perfect vacation Ang! Just relaxing in the great outdoors with all your men! :)


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