Monday, August 12, 2013

red hook anniversary weekend {family cabin tent life + backyard inspiration}

As maybe you've gathered, we do lots of summer weekending in our family cabin tent.  It's the mansion of tents and couldn't have been a $99 better spent.  For our anniversary last weekend we set up camp in Red Hook and lived it up strawberry wine style with our besties and I think my card from Cass sums it up nicely: 

The backyard at the Red Hook homestead is bliss, especially for Lincoln who lives there and for Bob and Owen who get to visit.

For little boys, fun is measured in masks and mobility.

Owen saw Lincoln jump into the pool and immediately started trying to get his clothes off, because water also equals fun.

The boys ate lunch and had a lovely afternoon tent nap {can't be beaten}...

{except by post-nap snuggles}...

This yard is packed with things to climb and ways to adventure.  And the boys did not stop.

The little dudes were all so cool together that we wrangled them up for a photo shoot or two.
(or three i guess.)

a totally unprompted hug from Owen for Lincoln ("Zih-zih" as O says it)...
{self timer for the anniversary homemade pizza feast!}

Campfire and sparklers to round out the evening?  Yes, please.

Here's to: perfect summer weather and lifelong friends.

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