Wednesday, April 16, 2014

winterspring mood swings

And... winter is back -- already.  Spring, summer, fall all condensed into three short days.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday -- we were living life like this...  Pupper disappearing for a moment then coming around the corner disrobed and arms outstretched singing, "Spring is over, spring is over!"  Little boys picking weed flowers for their mama.  ("Mom, none of these flowers are for us.  They're all for you.")  Motorcycle dudes following the chalk-drawn rules of the road.

And then today we woke up to this:

There were a good three inches of powder on the deck.  And truth be told, as much as my spring spirits were crushed, I not-so-secretly relished the freshly fallen crystals and ate as many hand and cupfuls as I could today; and the sun was out and most of the white melted away by late afternoon and so I'm hoping winter's not really back.  Oh, New England spring and how it toys with us.

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