Thursday, September 4, 2014

plum island 2014

Has it truly been four years since we've been to Plum Island?!  That is just not right.  {Last time -- or last time I blogged about anyway? -- is HERE.}

We returned over the long weekend -- two more kids in tow -- and the Parker River Refuge did not disappoint; it never does.  We had planned to make an early trip up, but ended up holding off until lunchtime when we thought some people may be leaving, and what do you know?  We lucked out and ended up parking four cars at the point!

The kiddos, having napped on the way up, were happy as clams for the afternoon -- running and digging and splashing and exploring and snacking (Owen ate most of Susan's cheese and crackers).  We built a little wind/sun fort for Maisy Lou and she was totally content sucking her thumb and checking out the scene.  The kids loved another fort a little way down the beach; Bob called it the "bad boy's hideout" -- I think because the boy was being a bit possessive?  "I asked him when he was going to leave and he said twenty five minutes!"

The light is just dreamy at sunset so I love to stay until the end of the day, which we did.  {Thanks, Sue, for the mini family photo shoot -- you are so awesome for being all about it!}

Perfect Plum island day.

A few of my favorite photos...

And a few more, because a day like this puts me in a slideshow-making mood.

So good to see you again, Plum Island.  It will not be another four years before we return!

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