Wednesday, September 3, 2014

sleeping on vacation

Kinda lame to start a series of vacation posts with one about sleep, but rest patterns can totally make or break a family vacation, wouldn't you agree?  As soon as your first child gets some sort of regular nap and bedtime routine, life revolves around rest time.  "Let's leave after lunch so the kids will nap in the car."  "If we wait until after 7:00 to head home, the kids will fall asleep on the drive and we can just transfer them to their beds."  That sort of thing.  Good sleep for all is a must.  And it can be tricky getting the toddler/preschool set to rest someplace new.

The Zobas graciously hosted us for two nights of our mini vacation to the North Shore.  Staying with friends is the best because the parents can hang out while the littles are asleep.  The boys used the Zobas' sleeping bags as tiny floor beds and loved it.  Bob: "This bed is sooooo soft and comfy!"  I guess you don't need much padding when you're four and weigh thirty pounds.

Christina read the pups a book while I nursed Maisy to sleep; then I lay on the floor with them and told a purple crayon story and they conked right out.  Wooden loves to snuggle Pupper when he gets the chance and spent most of the night in the crack between their beds.  So-- Owen's first time traveling without the pack n play was a success.  (Guess it's almost time to switch him to a bed at home!)

Sweetly sleeping children definitely deserve a post all their own, so here we go...

Owen asleep on his floor bed after a successful transfer from the car.
 Brothers snuggled up in the night...
 A mid-day rest on the way to the beach...
The third and final night of our mini vaca we spent at a hotel.  Our little princess living a life of king sized bed luxury...
Little guys asleep in our room at the Doubletree, which we chose for its nice pool and separate kiddie sleeping area in the family suites.  Bob and O were pretty excited about this cute little scenario.  (Thanks for the hotel tip, Lindsey!)
 And finally... everyone asleep on the way to Tiny Gram's birthday party.
Good sleep makes for a good trip.  Thanks again for hosting us, Zobas!

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