Friday, October 2, 2015

Bob's first day of kindergarten

Happy October! Actually I'm calling it 'blogtoberfest' -- 31 days of bliggity-blogging, that's my goal. Feel free to call me out/wake me up if it's 11pm and I haven't posted yet. I'm sticking to it. (There is a pretty good chance that blogtoberfest is gonna flop but is that a reason not to try? Of course not!)

UPDATE: whilst trying to finish this up last night my computer died. Day 1 = fail. Oops.

Post number one I wrote weeks ago -- the Saturday after the first day of school. Just now getting around to loading in the photos and hitting 'publish.' Glad to report that school's still going swell...


It's Saturday morning; we all got to sleep in a little today. Bob came crashing into our bed at some pre-dawn hour and woke up Maisy... and girlie snuggled and boobed around for a little while until she settled in across my face and neck... and somehow we all went back to sleep (except I believe Ben was fragglin). And despite the stiff neck when the Loot decided to get up off me (please read that bit a little ghetto style), I was totally glad to wake up with little can't-wake-up pup's face next to my face, still so little despite his big first week at kindergarten.

Just like the day he was born, I fully expected to ball my eyes out on his first day of school, and I didn't.

Somehow -- how!? I guess because my boy was so brave -- I held it together.

I almost did cry once, as I walked away from the school that first day after having left him there for a big change on his own and I suddenly thought: I forgot to remind him to be kind and brave! And for a second a part of me wanted to run back into the school and scoop him back into my arms and give him one more minute of lovins and reminders. And for another second a part of me wanted to break down at what a failure I had been on the first day. But! I pulled it together and I reminded myself: Silly Mama, that's what these past five years have been for: training him up! He is kind and brave. So of course he will BE kind and brave. He is totally ready for this. And somehow, here I am the mother of a kindergartner, and my moistened eyes didn't even quite cry.

After school he was all smiles -- proud and also excited to see us! -- and my heart swelled huge.

"How was it, bud?"

"Great! Um, mom... could you get my new friend's number? Her name's Alexis and she's in second grade."

Well then.

It was all pre-arranged that Owen and I would bake cookies for eating after school.

The m&m chocolate chip reunion was pretty sweet. And so is my boy.

He's gone off bravely and joyfully into the new world of school and I'm super excited for the ways he's always growing.

PS.I didn't pay much mind to the people who thought Bob should go to preschool, and I don't listen to the people who tell me I should cut his hair. That one's up to him, as was his first day of school outfit. Which was awesome.
And PPS. I still love his hair.


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