Monday, August 8, 2011

Chloe's eleventh

We returned yesterday from a weekend of camping with David and Crystal and my niece and nephew Chloe and Mason.  I was so pooped.  I could barely move.  I could have gone straight to bed at whatever time that was -- two o'clock or so.  I snoozed on the couch while Bob watched Kipper and we ordered in Chinese for dinner because I was too lazy to do a darn thing.  Am I getting too old for camping already?  Even fakey-fake camping on Gramps' property?

I haven't uploaded the photos yet... and i first need to do a quick recap of chloe's birthday, anyway.  It was a few weeks ago, but she's still freshly eleven i'd say.

here are a few chloe and mason pics from five years ago when chloe turned six...

and now they're no longer the littles.  they're the mediums i suppose.  and they're still great.  watching your nieces and nephews grow up helps prepare you for coping with your own tiny growing bigger i guess.

bailey has morphed into a little girl already.

chloe's legs are longer than mine.  soon she'll be taller than me.

pickle lover 

lexie had a good time playing in the pool fully clothed with the hand-me-down "my little ponies" which long ago belonged to me.

cake time meant forced-birthday-hat-wearing time.  quite hilarious to some people.

this was bob's first time really enjoying birthday cake.  he hasn't been a fan in the past but it seems his taste buds have matured.

bobby is the only kid i know that prefers the cake over the frosting.

"i need birt-day take!" bubbs has declared several times since the party, mainly whenever he catches me looking through these photos or is reminded of cake in any other way.

the newest baby in the family

big gram's seventh great-grandbaby 

All day Chloe was anxiously awaiting present time.  she couldn't stop thinking about it.  she couldn't stop asking if it was almost time yet.  "Ang," she said, "when you were a kid you loved presents, too, didn't you?"  yes.  i did.

bob found a friend. 

christian and mason asked me to draw indian markings on their faces to enhance their pretending in the woods.  i happily obliged.  i had to hold in my laughs but they thought they looked awesome.  everyone wins.

bubby didn't quite last through the whole afternoon... "i need bwane-bwee y suh-see!"  he's still a babe.

and that's the way i like him for now.

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