Thursday, August 25, 2011


Weekends are wonderful.  Having my husband/best friend around all day long is far preferable to not.

On Friday night I snuck some photos of Bob sleeping.  When he was littler I did that all the time, but now it's pretty rare.  But I do still go in to check on him and often stare at him for a long time every night before I go to bed.  Because he will not stay this size forever, I know.  And I know also that he won't be this mine forever.  One day he'll be off living his own life instead of sleeping safely in his crib... and so I feel the strong urge to just soak up this tiny precious person whom God has entrusted to me for the short time I have, and to kiss his baby hand, and pray for his little life -- every single night.

I took a couple with the flash just to get the whole picture (note that this particular night bubbs insisted on sleeping with that foam ball).  Notice the huge difference between the photos above and those below?  Here's a free photography tip for you: turn off your flash.  Almost all the time.  Flash completely overwhelms all of the real light and makes everything look all... flashy.  You can always brighten up the photo a little with editing software if you need to.

Saturday morning we got up early thanks to bob but started the day at a nice leisurely pace.  Ate cereal for breakfast.  Played some sports outside, also thanks to Bob and his need for basketball at 8am.  He's been pretty into football lately, too.

Some aspects of living in a 4-unit house with other people's children surrounding us (7 of them to be exact) can be, as you'd imagine, a tad bit annoying.  But the good thing is that all the kiddos have toys they leave round the yard (which actually is also annoying now that i mention it)... but the point is that it works out nicely for Bob, because he gets to play with all sorts of things that aren't his.

When Bob was ready for naptime we decided to pack him up in the car and take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Saratoga to see some horse races.

We stopped for gas and water and i couldn't resist a shareable size package of peanut m&m's.  So bob got a few.  And it was very disgusting, but very funny how happy those five tiny candies made our boy.

The horse races were fun.  There was a playground that bob got to play on (he narrowly escaped death by marco polo but did survive).  Bobby loved seeing the horses race past and cheering along with the crowd; the whole thing was very exciting.

Also exciting was drinking fresh-squeezed way-too-sugary lemonade from a huge cup.  I was pretty excited about it too, until I drank enough to make me sick to my stomach.

That's it for photos, except for these cool bike racks we saw on our way out of town.

On the way back we stopped for some ice cream...

At the Dairy Bar was a much better playground, which Bob had all to himself and totally loved.

He could have stayed forever, but alas we had to go home.  A super fun Saturday, just the three of us.

On Sunday we headed out the opposite directions to spend the afternoon at Tiny Gram's.  My Aunt Suzette and cousin Mary Jo and all their kiddos were there.  We swam in the lake.  We ate good food.  We spent time with family.  And I pretty much failed at taking pictures.

I didn't even get a picture of the boys together really, except this one where bob has his back turned.  At least you can get the size comparison: damien is just three weeks older but he's a good three-quarters of a head taller.

Of course weekends must end.  But weekdays are good, too.  Because, obviously, there's no looking forward to the weekend without the week.  Sometimes the week is smooth sailing.

Yesterday was pretty darn cute.  I drove Ben to work at 6:30 so that I'd have the Jeep, got back to Gram's and crept quietly into the attic where Bobby appeared to be sleeping, and slipped back in bed.  A couple of seconds later I heard him roll over, and then, "Hey, Mom!  Hi!  Hi, Mom!" in the happiest voice imaginable.  As much as I wanted to go to back to sleep, it's not so bad getting up early when baby guy is so cheerful.  Later on we went to the pool (always a plus to the day).  Then last night Bobby was inspired to jump off the bed onto the floor (it's not far), which made him super proud of himself.  He was having so much fun he didn't want to stop, but finally I made him turn off the light, then he proceeded to freak out because he wanted to keep jumping, so I let him go for it one more time.  He climbed back onto the bed, crept to the edge, then changed his mind and climbed back down and went back to the light and said, "Bebber turn it back on."  Couldn't argue with that.  Jumping off the bed in the dark does seem a bit dangerous.

But some days are filled with a little less cuteness and a little more whining.  Today baby guy got up early and cranky, which is far worse than early and cheerful, and I woke up even crankier and more tired than he was.  Gram had a very rough day.  And Bailey was here, being super cute but refusing to nap and making messes in every room.

But... tomorrow is Friday!  And then the weekend again.

This time I think I'm going to need to sleep through the whole thing.

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