Monday, August 22, 2011

jumping in

Yesterday we went to my Tiny Gram's for the afternoon and got in some much-needed water time.

Swimming has definitely been Bob's and my favorite activity of the summer.  Except normally we go during the week while Ben's at work.  So it was extra fun that we could all be together.  And also I liked that my backup photographer (that would be ben) was there to get some shots of bob's awesome jump.

Our boy is so darn brave in the water it's amazing.  And that makes me hopeful that he'll keep on being brave through everything in life.

Also my face in all these pictures is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm either counting "1, 2, 3, jump!" or giving bob my super excited you-are-crazy-and-oh-so-brave look, or I'm beaming with a huge smile because my little son just makes me so happy.

That's prolly the most ridiculous face of all... I think I like that one a little better with me cropped out.

As soon as bob woke up at 7 this morning he was begging, "go swimming in lake."  Oh dear... what are we going to do when summer's over?

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