Friday, September 9, 2011

Random end of August

I uploaded a bunch of photos before we left for vacation and haven't had a chance to do anything with them (because we're in Cali and naturally there are much better things to do!)  But this morning Bob was up super early and gave me some extra time after breakfast but before we need to leave the hotel... so here we are.  Last night was his 22-month birthday and in the bustle of vacation I totally forgot.  But I'm still just as proud and happy and in love as always.

Here's a look at the rest of our August though lots of random photos...


working out on the junky playset in our backyard

"i tan swing!"


more workout time

"work out way up high"

over and over again

cutest basketball player ever


fih-fie!  (i finally snuck him into the trash)

soggy brown feet

potty practice time

exploring the reading courtyard at the library

little goofball

little goofball again

mmmm!  cookies and milk

bunny snuggle in the grass

pinwheels are fascinating

"i'm cooking right now"

sniffing cauliflower

let's go, mom



fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar

sweet pumas

family walk in the woods

huge fallen tree


in serious need of haircut


running around like a kid

little goof

playing with his pals josh and andrew

swimming by himself

come back, mom

drying off

football guy

not sharing

eyes still sad after crying for football time

flip flop feet

on to baseball

and back to football

i'm pretty cool i guess

little people time

muddy puddle feet

serious badminton "power tool"

hi, mom

every now and then you've got to let the boy play in the rain

i'm eatin twah-twer in my mouth right now

sneaking some Cheerios

pajama top, diaper, and sneakers.  cool outfit, cool pose.

running down ramps is super fun

soccer basketball

so close

cutest soccer player ever

lip injury (stuck out the wrong lip for the photo)

foot dunk

banana bench

wet feet on the front porch steps


cool guy sneakers


throwing rocks

tiny motorcycle

brown eyes

workin out

walking the mall

testing out dad's new kicks

begged for a haircut, then cried throughout

that's all i could cut off... but i think it looks a little better

swimming in the tub

one of bob's favorite kitty toys

rainy day. tiny backpack.

sand on nose


tiny wagon blankie suckie tv time

balls make me oh so happy

in the willow tree

cutie bailey

pop-pop snuggle

first ever lollipop

i think he likes it!

(and he's feeling pretty cool)

sitting in the "big chair"


favorite breakfast of the summer: yogurt with crunchy nut cereal and fruit
Look forward to lots of Cali pics when we get home next week!  (We're having a fabulous time.  Of course.)

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  1. I am obsessed with your photography and your incredibly adorable son. :)


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