Friday, September 30, 2011

Bobby quotes part two

Last night Bobby woke up in the wee hours and couldn't go back to sleep.  He lay quietly in his crib in the attic, trying so hard, but he just couldn't doze back off.  Lucky for him, neither could I, so finally I conceded and took him down-stay-ahs.  He sat quietly looking at books and watching Praise Baby for a little bit, but then he just had to get out of the big chair and get crazy.  At first I was totally concerned with settling him down and getting us back to bed as soon as possible, but he was just so darn lovable and entertaining that I couldn't help but just enjoy the special stolen middle-of-the-night time with my boy.  Back in the nursing days we were the only ones awake in a dark house a lot, but now it's pretty rare, so in a way (the sort of way that I would not care to repeat regularly) it made me happy.

Couldn't help writing down more bobby quotes while we were hanging out -- just because I wish I could keep the whole episode recorded in my brain forever.  The typed versions don't come out quite as cute as the spoken originals, but i try.

Uh ewephant tan't wide uh bicey-tle.

My bum fawl-in off.
I bettah save me up.
I did puwh me up he-ah.

Mommy writin at night.
Mommy writin on papeh.

I twimb down.  I didn't fawl.  Didn't fawl up he-ah!

What Mom writin now?  Mom usin vis pen.

I tan fix vis bicey-tle.
I might fix vis bicey-tle.
I might fix undah he-ah.

I tan hop at Dwam's!
Ribbit. (hop)
Ribbit. (hop)
Ribbit. (hop)
Ribbit. (hop)
I hopped!

Tan't put vis bicey-tle up he-ah. (pointing at ceiling)

I saw toe-ah-wa be-ah sweepin.  ("I saw koala bear sleeping."  took me a second to get that one.)

Okay, enough's enough.  Have a good weekend!

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