Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We're home from vacation.  And, you know, as wonderful as the trip was, being home afterwards is actually one of the best parts.  Especially for Bobby.

Bubbs slept part of the way home from the airport but when we got here at 9:30 he was far too excited to go to bed.  After a couple of failed attempts at putting him to sleep I finally gave in and he stayed up playing like a crazy person until 1am.

Vacation across the country means lots of travel, lots of people, lots of places, and after all that it is oh so good to be back to the familiar and back to just the three of us.

Bob took the late-night opportunity to burst out of the little shell he'd been carrying to hide in occasionally... and to dust off his bat and ball and practice his baseball swing.

Wanna hang out with I'm-home-and-I-need-sports-so-bad Bobby for a little while?  This video is rather lengthy, but the other one I had to choose from was twice as long and I was too lazy to trim, so... whatever, just don't watch the whole thing if you don't want to.

A couple notes...

1.  Please excuse the filth in our home; we had just returned from vaca like 2 hours earlier.  Not that the place is usually super neat or anything.
2.  Apparently Bob had just picked up the word "means" and hasn't quite figured out how to use it properly.
3.  Not sure where the whole tee/TV/mitt confusion came from... maybe the 11:30pm hour?
4.  I love this tiny voice and I know someday I'll be so happy to have the long sample of Bob's precious 22-month language.

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