Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bobby quotes

For the past few days I've tried to record some of the sentences that Bobby speaks, because he's just so darn cute, and how will I ever remember the particulars if I don't write them down?

"Mommy is sitting right here on Mom's bum."

Me: "Why is my belly getting bigger?"
Bob: "Why is my baseball bat getting bigger?"

"Football guys have wear helmets!"  Bob does lots of talking about football and guys and helmets.

"These are pretty flowers!  Ohhh, so pretty."

"It's not too sunny.  It's not too hot."

"It's beau-ful sky right now!"

"Vuh mon-tey tan twimb up here by mon-tey's self."  Referring to himself, as he tried to climb the willow.

"She doesn't need it, she wants it."  Referring to himself again; for some reason he thinks he's a she.

"I want any."  Naturally derived from, "Do you want any?"

"Mama beaver zou."  Yeah, this one's hard to explain.  But it was super hilarious.

Me: "What did you do in the nursery today?"
Bob: "I started twyin."
Me: "Why did you start crying?"
Bob: "Mommy tan't find zou!"

"Mommy lay up."   The opposite of lay down.

Me: "What do you want to name our baby?
Bob: "Owen."
Me: "Oh yeah?"
Bob: "Zes, that's fine.  That's fine, honey."
No, we haven't decided on a name yet, so don't bother asking.

"Da-mother gave vis basketball just for me.  It's just my right size."

"I want hang out.  I want stay up so night!"
What Bob kept saying last night, still way too excited about his new basketball to sleep.

Me: "Grandmother gave that to you because she loves you."
Bob: "I love Mommy."
Me: "You love Mommy?"
Bob: "Zes, I do love Mommy."

"I'm not doing this."  Said while he is in fact doing the thing he claims he is not doing.

"I never not play this."

"This is dane-rous for me."

"Not for eating." Said as he handed back a piece of raw spaghetti I gave him to try.

"I want any money.  I want more money."

"Maybe a bunny tan pop out.  I tan pet some bunnies!  May-bee!"

Me: "What should we name our baby?"
Bob: "Bobby."
Me: "We can't.  We already have a baby named Bobby."
Ben: "What other name do you like?"
Bob: "Kittens."
Me: "Kittens?  You want to name our baby Kittens?"
Bob: "O-tay.  [pause and grin]  Bobby silly."

"It's really bouncy for me."

The puppy licked-ed my bum.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

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