Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear tiny one

I wrote this yesterday afternoon but didn't scan and edit the photos until today.

I am desperate for a nap right now.  Had to get up early to drive dad to work and then the lady at the lab took about 25 thingies full of my blood... so there are my excuses.  But I really don't even need any... because I'm pregnant.  Pregnant ladies can nap whenever they want to.  All that to say, as badly as I want to close my eyes right now I want to tell you something even more, and this might be the only quiet moment I have today.

I want to tell you:  I love you.  So bad right now, as your brother would say.

Today I saw you for the first time!  I heard your heartbeat for the first time.  Your big brother smiled at your image and patted my belly while he sat next to me on the "bed" and we got to spy in on you and see you yawn and stick your hand in your mouth and stretch your arms above your head.  We saw your right ear, we saw your nose, we saw all ten of your toes.  And we saw your weenie clear as day and learned that you are a boy -- a brother!  And even though I tried to say beforehand that I really didn't care what gender you were, I really did hope you would be my second son.

All the details aside, though, it was most wonderful just to get to see you for a while, check in on you and make sure you're doing swell, even though I already knew in my body and in my heart that you were.

I am just so excited that you are YOU, and I cannot wait to meet you come January, tiny one, and watch you grow bigger and learn all about the person you are.

Looks like you have the same curly-cue hair as your brother.

Now I'm off to rest... hopefully Bobby will give me an hour.

Your Mama


  1. Beautiful! I'm so excited that you're having another boy! Having two little boys is exhausting, but amazing - so fun to see them interact together! He looks precious and perfect! Congrats!

  2. Congrat's once again, Bob is goiveto have a blast and make an aswome big brother...


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