Monday, November 7, 2011

Bob's first real haircut

Never did mention that Bob got his first real haircut a while back... on September 28 to be exact.  Before that I cut it a few times myself, but I never could really get him to be still enough to get a decent result.  I figured the professional plus the fancy vehicle seat would help.

He chose the pink Barbie Jeep over the red Radio Flyer airplane.

Actually he chose neither once he realized what was going to happen, but with the promise of a lollipop if he was a brave boy and the handing over of the real Jeep keys, he was convinced to give it a go.

He was really good -- didn't cry at all.  Sat reasonably still.

Charmed the hairdresser.

And in the end he got his reward.

And loved it.

Next time I think I'll just save myself $16 and buy a bag of lollipops to use as bribes instead.

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