Tuesday, April 16, 2013

art for toddlers: chalk

Chalk!  Now that Owen is getting past the must-put-everything-in-mouth phase, chalk is a definite favorite for art time.  It's great for an early art medium because there's no need to hold the chalk a certain way, no dipping or rinsing, no need to push down hard; there's a nice contrast between the board and the chalk that makes it easy for little toddlerfolk to see what they drew.  I bought this piece of chalk board at Home Depot for under $10.  We lean it up against the wall when it's not in use and put it on the floor anywhere when we want to get chalky.  Chalking it up on the floor is much preferred to the wall because these guys like to get their feet into it and cover themselves in chalk head to toe.  Best part: cleanup couldn't be easier.  A quick rinse for the pups, a quick vacuum of the floor, done.

What's your favorite way to CREATE with your tiny people?

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