Monday, April 8, 2013

Can you skip to the part where He gets killed? {easter weekend}

My hard drive crashed last week so I've been out of commission for a bit.  Fortunately I had everything backed up with time machine and had no trouble restoring.  boom.  points for preparedness.

Easter week was interesting -- trying to find a balance between a sneaky bunny and a seriously-hard-to-explain-to-a-3-year-old Savior.  Bob was quite interested in the story of Jesus's last week on earth, but mostly the whole crucifixion bit.  "Mom, can you just skip to the part where He gets killed?"  Or I catch him punching Owen; "I'm just nailing Owie to vuh twoss."  Hmm.

There was interesting commentary about the Easter bunny as well.  Like, "Mom, can you leave my door open so he can get in here?  Or, do you think he's big enough to hop through the window?"  The day after his treats were consumed he was very concerned about getting a treat for the Easter bunny for next year.

Easter weekend was nice...  We spent time on Saturday with James and Bailey.  Bobby absolutely adores his cousin Bailey; he thinks everything she says and does is hilarious.  He'll be in bed later jabbering on about, "That was so funny when Bailey said she didn't say spider but I thought she did say spider!"  Um... okay, Buddy.

Saturday night we colored eggs -- the traditional paas way -- and Bobby really loved it.  Of course he wanted to switch a lot of the eggs from color to color to color, but he let them dry just long enough in between dunks that they actually turned out really cool and not just brownish.  And all the cracks from dropping them repeatedly actually added to the uniqueness of Pupper's eggs.  So yes, it seems Bobby has a future in Easter egg dyeing.

Easter Sunday Bobby woke up around 4:30 am and came into my room already eating chocolate he had found.  I brought him back to bed and told him to go back to sleep until it was day.  He did.  And then he was back, and Owen was up -- they looked through their Easter baskets and then searched the house for eggs.  At first Owie was nonchalant but then he started to figure out what was going on and realized how much he wanted those peanut m&ms inside the plastic eggs, and he joined in the hunt too.

We opted to skip church in favor of rest time, since Sunday dinner at Aunt Judy's would fall at the normally appointed hour.  And these pups need their sleep.

We had a nice big dinner and another egg hunt and lots of fun playing on an old tractor.

Later on at home Bob flew a kite for the first time -- the kite was a gift from the "Easter bunny" and the windiest day ever was a gift from God; it made first time kite flying super easy and fun.

Peace to you, and a very late 'Happy Easter' from me and mine!

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  1. I love that quote....We're not quite to the "understanding" phase yet with Easter, but I'm already wondering how we'll manage to teach the truth of our Savior, but also promote the fun of the bunny. Seems like you had a pretty good mix going on! Thanks for linking up!


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