Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a trike ride

We went for a long walk today.  Well -- "long" as in, it took us an hour and a half although we didn't cover a braggable distance, and "walk" as in, I walked, Owen rode, and Bob triked ("triked" being the tricycle equivalent of "biked").  I was surprised at Pupper's endurance; when he wanted to add an extra leg to the journey I was sure I'd end up somehow pushing the stroller and pulling the trike and carrying Bob all at once, but what do you know-- his little legs pedaled the whole way home.

Pupper is in the market for a balance bike, but we've told him we'll get him one when he gives up his pacifier.  So... that will be never.  Or maybe if we're lucky it'll correspond with the time when pink is no longer his favorite color.  Because of course he's insistent upon having a pink bike.  Which is fine by me, really.  But Pup's really going to have to work on convincing Dad on that one.

To both boys' joy, we met a dog along the way down the old mill road.  Pupper and the pup played fetch for a while; they each were absolutely ecstatic about their luck.  "I LOVE my new dog.  This is the best dog ever.  This dog is much better at fetching than Archie and Willie."  (Archie and Willie are Grandma's dogs, a dachshund and a Chihuahua.  They do not fetch.)

It was a lovely sunny day but cold.  I cannot WAIT until real spring arrives and we can go out without the 30 minutes of pre-walk bundling.  I'm a summer girl.  Why do we live in Massachusetts, anyway?

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