Monday, March 11, 2013

swim lessons for bob!

Right after Bob turned three I signed him up for swim lessons with his buddy Shane.  We like to show up early and play ball in the gym for a little while beforehand.

photos from his very first lesson

The lessons are pretty darn hilarious.  Tiny little people flailing their limbs about in the water.  Owen spends the entire 45 minutes trying to evade me and climb into the pool.  It's funny and all and I love his tenacity but it's exhausting and a little nerve racking and by the time class is over, I am ready for it to be over.  Bobby has great days and awful days.  Sometimes he's all smiles, chatting it up with his buds, jumping off the diving blocks... other times he claims he doesn't want to swim at all, or he gets hungry, or tired... Mom has given many a pep talk -- some nice, others a bit more stern.  We always come out happy in the end.  The warm shower afterwards is a favorite part of the whole ritual.  Now that Owen can really walk he gets in on it too.  I'll tell ya -- the whole thing is a hassle and I'll be glad for summertime when I can just take him swimming myself.  But in the meantime, it's good for him; a different experience with a little structure and another authority figure, new kids, practice in the water... It's worth it.  But still.  I'll be ready for a break come summer.  {And I'm ready for summer to come!}

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