Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i have a feeling tomorrow's not going to look much like spring

It's March and we're finally getting some snow, eh?  Just about when I'm completely ready for spring.  Or summer, actually.  I don't know if even spring will do it for me.  As much fun as it is to play in the snow with the pups, it sure is a lot of work getting them {and me} all bundled up to go out.  By the time the second one is all dressed, the first one is either dying from heat exhaustion indoors or has already fallen face first into snow outdoors.  Or so it seems.  But... none can deny that falling snow is gorgeous; hence my camera and tripod being dragged out into the elements this weekend.  And Owen -- with each storm he gets a better taste of the snow and loves playing in it more.  Today while I was bringing in groceries from the car he made a break for it in his socks, following close behind Bob.  A couple of menaces, I tell you!

Happy "Spring"!

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  1. From the deeply sweet & treasured journaling to the cutest little family portraits a storm can bring, I am so glad I visited today. Miss you. xo.c


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