Monday, March 18, 2013

Me Too! by Mercer Mayer, read by bob at age 3

I've been meaning to post another Bob reading sample for a while {here are part one and part two} but normally Pupper doesn't like to read for the camera, and I don't have time for that crap anyway.

But one day recently I got lucky.  Full disclosure: we've read this book a hundred times and pup probably has most of it memorized.  But, we haven't read it much lately, and he totally could read this whole book even if he had never seen it before.  We're now more surprised when he can't read a word than when he can.  And of course his little reading voice is adorable to listen to, so here it is.

"Me Too!" by Mercer Mayer

read by "Pupper" -- age three

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