Friday, July 26, 2013

does a spur of the moment weekend away to see a rock show make you feel like you're still cool post-kids?

a song... one of my favorite jams right now... to enjoy through the photos

Now let's see...

You decide at the last second to pack up the kids in the car and take them to Boston for the night and then to Beverly for a family friendly Caspian show in the street.  COOL

When you get into the city you tell friends, "We can't go out on the town tonight, but you can come swim in the hotel pool with us and then drink Porch Rockers in a quiet dark hotel room or out on a balcony with some tourists who think pizza is hilarious." NOT COOL

You let the kids totally live it up in the hotel room.  COOL

In the morning, you forgo doing anything interesting in Boston because you forgot to bring the stroller and your kids are heavy little buggers with tiny legs and independent/irrational spirits.  NOT COOL

You drive up to the North Shore to take the kids to the beach, but really it's a crappy day and for convenience's sake you take them to the closest beach to your next destination, which also happens to be one of the ugliest grossest beaches ever on such a gray day.  NOT COOL

You may or may not be able to ignore the temperature of the air and the water and all that stuff floating in it and the sharp rocks and shells and all those clouds which would prevent the sun from properly drying you off afterwards and swim in the ocean with your kids.  Ben = COOL, Angie = NOT COOL

You drive past the house where you brought your first baby home from the hospital, play at the park you took him to all throughout his first year, and take a family photo on the steps where your water broke.  COOL

You meet a friend at a picnic lunch at Long Hill with the Food Project Farm people, and after the kids eat they get to hold a giant worm, pet a cat, chase chickens and guinea fowl, and dig in the children's garden.  COOL

You spend the rest of the afternoon holed up in your friend's apartment while the kids nap.  NOT COOL

That evening you take the kids to a Caspian show in the street... COOL

...but spend the majority of your time there reeling in runaway boys and zero time enjoying the music or having a drink.  NOT COOL

You stay at said concert an hour past bedtime and the kids totally lose it in the streets of Beverly.  NOT COOL

You head over to a friend's house to put the kids to bed so you can chill with adult people you haven't seen in a while.  COOL

You spend the next two hours trying to get the very tired kids to go the F to sleep, and you lose your cool at one or two of the kids in the process.  NOT COOL

The children do both go to sleep eventually, and you stay up nice and late hanging out.  COOL

The children then proceed to rise at dawn and you end up a zombie out of the house before your hosts are even awake.  NOT COOL

You hit up a lovely park (Lynch) for some family adventure time.  COOL

Another crappy beach makes you really wish you had gotten in the car as soon as everyone woke up and driven straight to Plum Island.  NOT COOL

On the way home, you stop at a beautiful spot for some grandparent and cousin time.  COOL

So... does a spur of the moment weekend away to see a rock show make you feel like you're still cool post-kids?  No, definitely doesn't make you feel cool.  But: just the act of trying does actually make you cool, whether you feel it or not.  Feel me?  (Although, I think we could manage to be a lot cooler if we traveled with an au pair, or better yet if we left the kids home!)

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