Monday, July 8, 2013

independence day

Oh, do I love the fourth of july!  It's the epitome of summer.  Ben got to take a long weekend, and we had a much needed break from routine.

We stayed around here for the 4th; I'm a sucker for my hometown on Independence Day and if I don't see both a parade and a fireworks display I'll be totally bummed.  In between these necessary bookends to our day we had helicopter pool and slip n slide time in the yard, a steamed lobster and chardonnay lunch date in our living room while the kids napped, and a picnic and swim at the lake.  Could a summer holiday get any better?

streaking at the fireworks show

The fireworks here don't start until the end of the baseball game, and it was a long one.  Fortunately: we brought good snacks, happened upon my lifelong next door neighbors, and Bob met a friend to run around with.  The pups were champs and lasted hours past bedtime, then went right to sleep like little princes.  I know there were low points, but going back through the photos it's impossible not to see a perfect day.

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