Friday, July 12, 2013

july 4 weekend {camping with kids}

These camping trips are getting so much easier.  Granted, Owen is still mostly a hazard to himself, and care must be take at every hour of every day to see that he NOT DIE (on a tractor, in a pond, at the mouth of a pig, or however).  That's the job of a mother to toddlers in a nutshell: just keep them alive.  But didn't I say it was getting easier?  Oh yeah -- yes, a little easier -- because we've got our system down pat, like the supplies we need, the division of duties, etc., but also because even though we're constantly trying to steer the little ones away from danger (or at least be there to catch them if they fall or rescue them if they drown), they are also just running, exploring, enjoying and entertaining themselves.  Living it up in the ways little boys should (and I'm not talking about gender stereotypes here; one of Bob's most treasured activities at Pop Pop's is playing "princesses" with Vianne).  They go right to sleep when it's time to settle in tent for rest or bedtime -- because they are pooped out from all the playing, and also because our big family tent has become a second home to them: a cozy, peaceful escape under the stars.  Instead of nighttime music, they fall asleep listening to the peepers and the coyotes and the crackle of the fire -- a different kind of tune which makes life feel so very simple.

Last weekend, after the hoopla of the 4th, we took our time leaving the house on Friday, took a nice drive through the country, and arrived at Pop Pop's just in time for a yummy dinner and sunset swim.  Bobby is so awesome; he climbed into the lake wearing nothing but his bubble and swam right out to the trampoline with the big kids, then back, then out and back again -- all by himself.  Quite brave for the tiniest little three and a half year old you've ever met.
We set up our tent beside the barn this time around because it was too wet over the hill.  Mostly Ben did all the work while I took pictures of the kids and the sunset.
Chloe and Mason were there, too.  Chloe is seriously growing up WAY too fast.  She's taller than me, wears more makeup and does her hair better, she's just this blossoming young lady and it's beautiful and it scares the crap out of me at the same time.
 We had a little campfire and s'mores.  Mmmm, I love me some s'mores.
The next morning...
 Bob and Mason wanted to swim in the pond as soon as they woke up.
 Owen wasn't much for the pond, but he loves the gator.
 Mason brought along his bb gun, so Bobby got to try his hand at shooting a "real gun" for the first time.
 Nice hot weather meant lots of walks down to the dock to cool off.
 It was another beautiful sunset.
 And Bob insisted on another sunset swim -- a sunset skinny dip, to be exact.
 The next morning we swam, packed up, ate lunch, and drove two sleeping pups home.

A perfect weekend filled with the best bits of summer!  And this one's going to be just as fun.  We're off to Boston!


  1. I found your blog because of I Heart Faces. I love your blog, and the memories you capture through photos. What a lovely family you have. Love the skinny dip pictures. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    1. thanks so much! i love being able to look back through these bits and pieces of life -- and glad you enjoy it, too!


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