Monday, September 30, 2013

home lately

Soon I promise I will share some photos of the inside of the house (because I know people are curious about that sort of thing).  We're still working on getting it put together. No joke: there are two mismatched curtains on the window in front of me right now.  {If you frequent a Target: find me some Farrah Floral curtain panels on the clearance rack!}

Anyway.  We've been up to lots of great stuff, inside and out, but the outside is a little more photogenic right now and so I take my camera out a lot more.  I'm all about letting boys be boys -- and this place is just meant for that.  They are totally living it up every day.  Being a stay at home mom lately has meant literally that -- being locked in at home while Ben has our only car at work during the week -- but for the most part we don't mind being homebodies in such a lovely place.  It's what the boys want to do anyway: spend all day exploring their domain and doing whatever they please.

A sampling of some of the beautiful parts of life for your viewing and my remembering pleasure...

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  1. Beautiful pictures Ang! Your home is just adorable - I love the way it looks in the morning fog. What a place to live!!


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