Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween! {2013}

I feel like Cinderella this morning; except instead of glass slippers I have old frumpy falling apart ones.  Our kitchen faucet was broken for two days and instead of going out to a lovely ball we just piled up dishes for meal after meal, and this morning the mess is overwhelming.  I fed the boys cereal with nuts and berries for breakfast in an attempt to add to my work as little as possible.  Felt right until they both upset their bowls and sent milk dripping into puddles on the table and chairs and floor.  (Owen first; then 60 seconds after I finished cleaning, Bob.)

evening update: one more cup of spilled milk today, totaling three.  approximately equal to the total number of hours of giggling I got to enjoy today; so-- totally worth it.

Yesterday was fun... When Ben got home from work we finally carved and sort-of painted pumpkins and ate easy supper and dressed up our little army man and Patriots guy and headed out for trick or treat.  It was pouring rain, and we don't live in a well-populated area, and the boys don't care yet -- so we just went to my Aunt Judy's and to Gram's to show off some cuteness and get some treats and enjoy hot cider and donuts.  Fun times; dark, blurry photos.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a good time to me!! Cider and donuts make everyday a capital day. :) It was hard for me to tell who was who in the first picture of B & O in their costumes! They look so much alike!


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