Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful {for four year olds and four month youngs}

It's the day after Thanksgiving.  We're not off seeking deals, because there really isn't anything we want deals on.  We have everything we need.  (Except a king sized bed.  But that's not in the cards at the moment.)  I'm sitting here because I'm thankful.  And I want to take a minute.

There's pretty much one single reason why I haven't been here lately: Downton Abbey.  I finally went for it and ended up watching all three seasons in three weeks, or however long it's been since I last wrote.  Plus the past week where I was just-- busy.  So, now I'm back in the 21st century and I can take a little memory stroll back to Bob's fourth birthday.

waking from his nap on his 4th birthday
Ben and I share one car, so if the kids and I need it for the day we have to get up at 6am and drive him to work.  Hence, we are a stay at home trio most of the time.  But on the big Friday I purposely scheduled an appointment so that we could do something different.  We did mostly boring errands but with some fun twists.  Dad gave Bob a $20 bill to spend, so that was exciting.

We got donuts for breakfast.  Went to Walmart (one of the few places open at 7am), where Bob spent about half of his money on foam swords for the whole family.  Then to Home Depot to get supplies for making bows and arrows at the birthday party, where Bob spent the other half of his birthday cash on a singing penguin for Owen.  Went on a hunt for a snowball maker, with no luck (but no worries, we've since found one).  Went to a playground, even though it was rainy and cold.

And then for the big event: my third first OB appointment to "meet" baby "Tiki" as Bobby has named "her."  Yeppers-- we're expecting number three, due in May, and we're excited!  The doctor did a quick ultrasound; Owen sat beside me on the table-bed and Bob sat on the doctor's lap, and we all stared at that little flicker that is her heartbeat, and we watched her little legs kick around.  Craziness; and a really special day.  We are all so thankful.

We stopped at the Old Forge to grab some chili and brought it to Gram's for lunch (B+O ate pb&j, actually), then went home for nap time.  Later we took the back mountain roads on our way to pick up Dad from work.  We had breakfast for dinner per Bob's request -- eggs with cheese, sausage, sweet potatoes and onions, and waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Yum.

Big Gram and Grandmother came over for cheesecake, California Gram and Grandma joined us via Skype, and Bob got to open a few gifts.
"Bob, why don't you use your fork?"
"Oh, yeah, thanks."

All day I kept asking my little Bobby, "Wait, how old are you?" or, "Are there any four year olds around?"  The proud slow smile that spread across his face each time: priceless.  So thankful for this precious little firstborn son of mine.

On Saturday we went out to Red Hook so I could take photos at little Shea's christening and Bob and Owen got to spend the afternoon with their buddy Lincoln -- a super special treat!

Sunday we had a little birthday party.  Oh, was that boy excited about all of his "friends" (mostly his cousins) coming over!  We painted rocks, swapped books, played with bows and arrows (instructions for a preschooler-friendly bow here), and ate.  Oh, and the kids spent a good amount of time climbing on dirt and rock and wood piles and hiding in the hideout.  A great, sweet time that made Bob feel very special.  Thanks so much to everyone who came!

So that's the story of our Pupper turning four.  He is one awesome dude, and I'm sure he'll only become more awesome as the next year unfolds.  A little Pupper parting gift, from a week or so after his birthday playing in the tent set up in our living room by the fire, because when I come back after a monthlong absence I have to go all out.


  1. Awww happy birthday to little Bobby! AND congrats on the 3rd little bundle of joy you're cooking in that oven!!! So exciting!!!!!


  2. I don't know if I knew you were pregnant!!! Did I?!?!?! Oh my goodness...well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you guys! (And my blog totally suffered once I caved in to the Downton Abbey craze - I also watched all three seasons in just a few weeks!).


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