Thursday, December 5, 2013

a roundup roundup

I've got all these browser windows open right now with things I want to refer back to.  Bookmarks and whatnot don't really work out for me because I completely forget them.  SO, lucky you, I'm sharing.  Enjoy this roundup of roundups from around blogland.

#1.  An all boy gift guide from Shannon at the Scribble Pad.  I've got my eye on the SmartMax and the trampoline for Bob and O.  -->

#2.  A parenting book roundup from Sara at Bonzo, Chooch, Mushy & Me.  Some I've read, some not.  Some I've been wanting to read for a while.  Might have to add a few to my Christmas list.  -->

#3.  A post about "Kindness Elves" as an alternative to the Elf on the Shelf, with a list of other acts of kindness ideas for toddlers and preschoolers at the end. -->

#4.  A list of the family at Clover Lane's favorite toys -- Sarah is a mother to six, four of whom are boys, and one of the wisest mom bloggers I know of, so I totally trust her judgment on this.  -->

#5.  Another Bonzo Chooch book list -- Christmas books this time.  We celebrate a Christian Christmas, but I like to have a mix of Jesus and non-Jesus books to read.  I love to embrace the magic-Santa-reindeer-goodwill side of Christmas along with the Nativity.  Nancy Tillman is one of my favorites, so I think we'll definitely have to add The Spirit of Christmas to our collection this year.  {I think I should give you a list of my own faves, too!  Won't make any promises, but I'll try!}  -->

#6.  Ok, do you know about Lennon and Maisy Stella?  Goodness, I love these girls and I could listen to them sing anything.  I made a little playlist of my personal youtube faves for you... I don't actually watch Nashville but I love the Lennon and Maisy performances.  I've been listening to 'A Life that's Good' on Spotify; even though it's not a Christmas song it fits the spirit for me.  -->

#7.  Last one.  A free holiday font roundup from lil blue boo, for all your Christmas printmaking.  -->

Hope you liked my roundup roundup and found a little something of interest!


  1. We're doing the Kindness Elves! Not sure if you saw me post that on Facebook...but it was an awesome find. So cute! :) Hope all is well!

    1. awesome! how's it going? I've been horrible about remembering to set anything up ahead of time... Bob has almost caught me on several occasions, but luckily at this age he is super easy to sneak one by!

    2. Hey Angie - I never saw that you commented back on here. Sorry! We stuck with the kindness elves through all of advent, I usually remembered to do it right as I was heading to bed which made things a little tough, but I couldn't wait until morning because it's the first things the boys did every morning. It was fun - not sure if you saw my blog, but I wrote about our adventures with the Kindness Elves. Talk soon, blogging friend! :)


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