Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ioka Valley Farm {and happy halloween!}

We're practically down the road from Ioka Valley Farm now, so we went thrice this fall.  It's cute; it's fun; it's very pricey.  There's a huge "family play area" but anyone age 2-62 has to pay to get in.  You're going to charge me to supervise my kids on a playground?  Seriously?  But-- they let you in free from 5-5:30, we live close and playground time limits are great for parents... so it's all good.

Ioka's now closed for the season, but we'll be back for breakfast with Santa because the sausage links are to die for.

And -- a little extra credit for you: a post I came across recently and loved -- about why Christians maybe shouldn't segregate themselves at "harvest festivals" on Halloween.  {here}

Happy Halloween!

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