Thursday, October 10, 2013

preschool dropout

So, the title probably implies this, but -- we bowed out of preschool.  We gave it a solid five weeks (Wednesday and Friday mornings), but in that time pup's feeling toward school went from: unsure and nervous but excited for something new, to: sure that he really didn't want to go to school.  He tolerated it fine while he was there.  He enjoyed meeting new friends, special treats, new toys, bringing home books and little games to borrow. But from the moment he knew he had to go to school in the morning until he had recovered with a tissue in his classroom after drop-off, he was very upset and it made those two mornings each week absolutely awful.  When Owen and I came to pick him up at 11:30, his face would light up and he'd run to grab his stuff and come with us.  On the walk home I'd ask him all about his day, and with varying levels of enthusiasm he'd tell me whether or not he played in the sandbox, and what he had for snack, and then I'd say, "So aren't you glad you went to school today?"  And he'd yell back. "No!  I missed you and Wooden too much!"

So, we gave it a while, but in the end Bob really just wanted to stay home, and that is fine with the rest of us.  I wasn't really planning to send him this year anyway; I think there is way too much preschool pressure, at least around here.  I believe that these little ones should spend most of their time home, exploring their world on their own terms, with guidance from the people who love them most, smothering them with kisses and tickles all the live-long day.

These pictures tell the story of school-bob versus home-bob quite nicely, I think...

He walks home looking very serious after a morning's hard work.
Without a moment's hesitation he sheds his shoes and bag, and he is FREE again!
He runs around the driveway singing, "This is a beautiful neighborhood!"
It starts to rain, and he soaks it up like the rain is his freedom itself, jumping in face first and collecting it in buckets.

I'm glad to have our free mornings back.  Bob has a whole life of the school and work grind ahead of him.  He can start that next year.  I say, let him have his last year of freedom!  It's okay to change your mind.


  1. Awww it's so sad to think of him not enjoying himself while he's away from you guys! I'm glad you have him "back" - he looks so happy at home!


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