Thursday, October 24, 2013

an easy toddler monster project

I've got a dozen posts started -- some in my draft pile and some just in my brain -- but my jumbled mind just hasn't been letting me finish any of them.

But... today is my day of super productivity!  And I don't want to let another pass without accomplishing something here, so... I'll just do a quick easy one.  A quick, easy post.  Featuring a quick, easy, Halloween-y project for littles.

This was Owen's project at table time yesterday; so simple it's perfect for the toddler set.

Here's what we did...

Cut five half sheets of neon printer paper into strips.
Drizzle some good ol' elmer's glue all over a piece of black construction paper.
Let the kiddo have at it: sticking the paper strips wherever he pleases until he covers the page.
Glue four more strips hanging over the edge as arms and legs.
Cut out eyes and mouth from another piece of black construction paper and excess strips.
Stick them on.
Pick up your monster, say "Rahh!" and scare the crap out of the baby who just made it.

Seriously, poor Owie -- he is terrified of his final product.  I have never seen him so afraid of anything. So you might want to make the eyes and mouth a little nicer looking if you try this with your sensitive types.

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